Why would they diminish Tommy Lee Jones' role in MIB3?

He was hardly in the movie at all... What the f u ck is the point of replacing the best actor in the film?

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  • 8 years ago
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    First off I give a lot of credits of josh brolin excellent performance with what he had But yes I love tommy lee jones and miss him in this film plus will smith and tommy lee jones play of each other so well very sad he wasnt in it a bit more but for the time he was thank you for the dark comedy

  • 8 years ago

    I absolutely loved MIB3 and found Josh Brolin did an amazing portrayal of a young Tommy Lee Jones, couldn't have asked for better in my opinion. But yes, Tommy Lee is one of my favorite parts of MIB and I missed him in the third. He and Will Smith are one of my favorite movie duos, they're so entertaining with all of their banters in the movies, and you can tell that they get along great.

    But hey, he says that he wants to make a fourth soon, so if they do he'll probably be in it more, I certainly hope so

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