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is it wrong that I DON'T like the Hunger Games?

So, pretty much EVERYBODY at school has read this "outstanding" book. Finally, when I read it, I felt forced. When I finished, I wondered, "why does everyone LOVE this book? I'd much rather read warriors." and "Man, it took me a week to read that! I felt like I was going through fire!" The first book was way too bland for me, so I didn't bother reading the second. When I told my friends I didn't like it, they instantly HATED me. They didn't hang out with me after that. They all thought it was wrong that I didn't like the book. I was thinking "Aren't opinions NEVER wrong?" I don't know what world they live in, but it upsets me to think they aren't my friends anymore over some stupid book. The book is basically about a girl who goes to a crazy killing/death game and wins. Someone on WoW (world of warcraft) said they had read the whole trilogy, and hated it. They said "In the third book, Katniss was in the E.R 75% of the time." I wondered how people could actually read that. A book about a girl in the Emergency Room! Sounds interesting! NOT! Is it wrong I don't like the hunger games? Leave your creative, thoughtful and thorough responses below plz :3.

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    Not all books are for everyone. The Hunger Games just happens to be one of those books that many people enjoy. If you do not like them, then that is your opinion. If your friends truly hate you because you don't like a book, then I think you need new friends. Not everyone in the world has to agree on everything or the world would be a very boring place. It is perfectly normal to not like a book that many others enjoy, just look at the twilight books. Many people love them, but many people hate them. It all depends on your taste and what genre of books you like.

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    There is nothing wrong with disliking a mainstream book. I hated the Twilight Saga and the Harry Potter series absolutely bores me to tears. But I don't go out of my way to spread hate, it is just my personal opinion. I much rather read a Stephen King novel about the undead than a wizard book, but my sister on the other hand is a Twilight/Harry Potter/Hunger Games FREAK. She has the posters and saw the midnight premiere of the Hunger Games in full Hunger Games costume.

    She and I have different opinions on stories, but that doesn't make our stories any more or less wrong. Just because you dislike the Hunger Games doesn't mean it is a bad book or that it is wrong, it is just your opinion.

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    Don't worry, I'm not the biggest fan either. I read the first book, and I also thought it was rather bland, but my friends pressured me to continue reading the series. I actually really liked Catching Fire, but have yet to read Mockingjay. I think the movie was good, too. As a whole, I think the series is good, if slightly overrated. One of the things that kind of stops me from becoming a big fan of the series is the whole Team Peeta/Team Gale aspect, which I think cheapens the series, and makes it like Twilight or something.

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    It's about maturity. Being able to read a book, form an opinion about it, and then move on to another book seems to be an ability that some younger readers (and some older ones too) have. There is nothing wrong with your opinion. Your friends are wrong for equating friendship with being carbon copies. Do they dress alike too?

    You could always tell them that judging by the way they're treating you and their inability to respect freedom of thought, they would make excellent close-minded Capitol citizens.

    Of course, if you're bashing their opinions on the book at every turn, well, pot meet kettle.

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    I personally liked Hunger Games, but there's nothing wrong with disliking a book. I, for example, hated Twilight. My friends loved it, and could not get over the fact that I didn't like it. They talked about it constantly and said I was wrong for not liking the books. But it was a fad, and it passed. Just try to talk to them about something else until they stop obsessing over it. If they legitimately hate you for having your own opinions, then they're not very good friends. They're in the wrong, not you.

    What would be wrong, however, would be making loud, disparaging noises any time someone mentions liking Hunger Games, or making other people feel bad about liking it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but don't shove yours down people's throats. :)

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    Having an opinion different from other people's isn't wrong at all. Your friends are stupid. I don't think that the Hunger Games is a great series, but I found it okay, and way better than other popular things. That being said, I can understand why you don't like it.

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    there is not any longer some thing flawed with disliking a mainstream e book. I hated the Twilight Saga and the Harry Potter series maximum likely bores me to tears. notwithstanding i do no longer bypass out of my mindset to spread hate, this is in truth my man or woman opinion. I plenty notwithstanding learn a Stephen King novel about the undead than a wizard e book, notwithstanding my sister in spite of that is a Twilight/Harry Potter/starvation video games FREAK. She has the posters and observed the lifeless night best of the starvation video games in finished starvation video games gown. She and that i have unique critiques on memories, notwithstanding that doesn't make our memories any extra or a lot less mistaken. merely because of the particular incontrovertible truth that you dislike the starvation video games does no longer mean that is a unfavourable e-e book or that this is improper, that is largely your opinion.

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    Well, everybody is entitled to their own opinion, so if you don't like the Hunger Games, then I see no problem with that. I like the books, but it is up to you and no one else to decide whether or not the book is for you. The only opinion that is never wrong is your own. If your friends can't accept that, then they're probably not very good friends, but if it's just teasing, tell them to stop because it's not funny. Hope this helps. :-)

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    No, it's not wrong.

    Warriors is pretty weird though. Seriously, warrior cats over hunger games? And World of Warcraft?

    I'm pretty sure there might be another reason for your friends blowing you off.

    Either 1) Your weird and they're realizing it

    or 2) You did something else to piss them off and you're too narrow minded to figure it out.

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    No nothing's wrong with that. I've read the whole series. It's all right, but I hate the whole love triangle thing- it's very Twilight-y. It's not badly written, however I find that it gets dull at times. I used to like it quite a bit, but it's become such a huge teeny bopper thing that it's become more like Twilight for me.

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