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blank asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 8 years ago

What are some middle names for Carols?

Looking for anything.The name does not have to be Spanish.In fact we would rather the middle name not be Spanish.

Also I would like them to flow with my quads names:

Miles Timothy

Andrew Scott

Robert Paul

Jacob River

So those names listed may not be used.

The only two answers I got last time was someone suggesting girl names.And someone who picked what they like out of my quads names.I am looking for middle name for Carlos.


I menat Carlos.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    i love the name Carlos so much! i also love your quads' names. ♥ here are some middle names for Carlos:

    • Carlos Stefan

    • Carlos Ross

    • Carlos Grant

    • Carlos Cameron

    • Carlos Jay

    • Carlos Tucker

    • Carlos Brady

    • Carlos Sebastian

    • Carlos Tristan

    • Carlos Jude

    • Carlos Rhys

    • Carlos Ryan

    • Carlos Wesley ♥

    • Carlos Julian

    • Carlos Wynn

    • Carlos Mack

    • Carlos Beau

    • Carlos John

    • Carlos Brooks

    • Carlos Noah

    • Carlos Jared

    • Carlos Nolan

    • Carlos Matthew

    • Carlos Elijah

    • Carlos Reilly

    • Carlos Auden

    • Carlos Graham

    • Carlos Hollis ♥

    • Carlos Bruno

    • Carlos Kane

    • Carlos Finley

    • Carlos Benson

    • Carlos Isaac

    • Carlos David

    • Carlos Quentin

    • Carlos Castor

    • Carlos Gus

    • Carlos August

    • Carlos Lee

    • Carlos Samson

    • Carlos James

    • Carlos Mitch

    • Carlos Luther

    • Carlos Wade

    • Carlos Christian

    • Carlos Foster

    • Carlos Dashiell

    • Carlos Django

    • Carlos Fabian

    • Carlos Liam

    i hope this helps! good luck with the name choosing. ♥

  • 8 years ago

    Carlos Manuel - I know you said no spanish names but I thought this was adorable!

    Carlos James

    Carlos Cole

    Carlos Tyler

    Carlso Brent

    Carlos Graham

    Carlos Alby

    Carlos Samson

    Carlos Soloman

    Carlos Noah

    Carlos Eli

    Carlos Abel

    Carlos Joshua

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