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Has anybody got any ideas for a new tv show for us to watch?

My partner and I are complete tv addicts and love lots of American shows and I was wondering if anyone here had any suggestions for new programme ideas as we are out. We love and watch shows such as Lost,24,Supernatural,Fringe,Breaking Bad,Desperate Housewives,Prison Break,Weeds,True Blood,Once upon a time,person of interest,Homeland,Ugly Betty,The Walking Dead,Californication,modern Family,Falling Skies and Community! Any suggestions for a good show that we may have missed would be really appreciated! Many Thanks,Kerry :0)

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    I can recommend you on the vampire diaries and pretty little liars though they are a bit childish.

    you can always watch CSI,has plenty of seasons and i personally never got tired of it.

    game of thrones,how i met your mother,friends,that 70's show. there are plenty of those out there just google it.

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    Legend if the seeker

    Doctor who

    Kyle xy

    Hope i helped

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