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lowest drafted mlb player to make all stars?

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    Mike Piazza was famously drafted in the 62nd round in 1988. If he's not the answer, I would be very surprised.


    Well, I hereby stand very surprised -- partially.

    There are two players, both recent, who were drafted in a lower round than Piazza (62nd) who have been All-Stars.

    Catcher Johnny Estrada was drafted by Houston in the 71st round in 1994, but did not sign. He was re-drafted by Philadelphia in the 17th round in 1997, and was named an All-Star in 2004 with Atlanta (he went 0-2 in the game).

    Pitcher Heath Bell was drafted by Tampa Bay in the 69th round in 1997, but did not sign. He then signed with the NY Mets as an amateur free agent in 1998, and was named an All-Star three times, 2009-11, all with San Diego. He pitched in all three games, a total of 1.2 innings, and took the L in 2009.

    Neither of these two gained their All-Star selections directly from their sub-Piazza draft pick, but they do inform the question as asked.

    Being picked in the 71st round makes Estrada the best answer here.

    The amateur draft was capped at 50 rounds in 1998, and was reduced to 40 rounds as of this year, so unless future changes are made to expand it or there's some hidden gem who has been hanging around since the 1990s who is ready to surprise us all, it is likely Estrada will remain the lowest picked All-Star.


    Overall draft slot

    Piazza -- #1390

    Estrada (1994) -- #1636

    Bell -- #1583

    Pujols -- #402 (1999, 13th round)

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    The first MLB draft was in 1965. So all All Star players signed by MLB teams prior to 1965 is the answer to your question.

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    Gotta be Mike Piazza. 62nd round draft pick. .308 career average, 427 homers, 1335 RBI, 12 All Star Games, and in my opinion a future Hall of Famer.

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    Read up on current MLB ERA leader Brandon Beachy

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    more than likely its Mike Piazza and he was drafted as a favorto one of the coaches

    saying take a chance on this kid saying he could be special and he proved to a be a dioamond in the rough

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    Players are undrafted and still elected to the all star game, look at Brandon Beachy, He will make it, he was undrafted.

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    there are undrafted people that have been all-stars

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    pujols or piazza

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