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Chores for my 9 year old daughter?

My 9 year old daughter moved back in with me and her stepfather and I want to give her some chores to do. Due to a breakup I had, she had moved in with her father, and then ended up with his mother when he was having some personal issues of his own. She is very anxious about doing chores, and WANTS to help, especially knowing that I am going to start giving her allowance once she shows me she is capable of doing the chores I ask of her. (even on a whim one day she asked me HERSELF if I could teach her how to do laundry when I was doing laundry)

Here is a list of chores I have considered having her do, are any of them too much? Are there any you would add? The chores I have marked with an * are chores I would expect her to do in a daily basis, because they are very simple, and not time consuming, the others I would only ask her to do 1-2 a day on top of the DAILY chores.

HER laundry.

Wash Dishes

Feed and water cat *

Feed and water dog *

Clean her room *

Vacuum living room


Brush the dog.

Clean out litter pan

Wipe off table and counters

Anything I could add to this list? Anything I should take off?


Her laundry would be done with SUPERVISION up until I saw she had properly learned how to do so. Same with washing dishes. :)

Update 2:

I guess something I should add to this is EVERY time i pull out the vacuum, go to wash a dish, or do laundry she is CONSTANTLY jumping in to help. I'm not saying something to do constantly! As for the cat and dog, yeah BOTH are "hers" she is the one that BEGGED for both of them!!! LOL

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    umm i under stand that she wants to help but if she is 9 then maybe not the washing up because she mite not do it properly and couldn do it wrong but maybe obly tidy her room if it is dirty and i think your list is good i suggest an allowance of £/$10 a week

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    I agree with what you've starred. Those are great chores for a 9 year old. The problem with the laundry is she isn't likely to have enough of just her own clothes for a full load. Also, she's only 9. Do her laundry. She can help you fold, match socks, and put away. Things like vacuuming and dusting ought to be things she can help you do once in a while, but she's not a slave. Also, she likely wouldn't do a good job. You're setting her up to fail. Clean out litter pan? Only if it's her cat. Same with brushing the dog. And washing dishes ought to be help wash the dishes. Maybe I'm lenient but if she had to do all that I think Child Services could be called in.

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    This list is great, but a couple things I would change are:

    Vacuuming and dusting... Perhaps once a week or every second week would be good enough for this one. She is, after all, only 9. You could gradually increase the amount of time she has to spend doing these tasks when she gets older.

    If you have a dishwasher, maybe you could get her to load HER dishes, and when she gets older everyone's dishes, into it and out of it.

    Also, unless her room is a total disaster, only make her clean it once a week.

    Also, feeding and giving water to the pets sounds reasonable, but only make her clean the litter pan if it's her cat.

    Maybe you could also add taking the dog for walks 2-3 times a week, if its her dog.

    About allowance (just a bit of advice):

    Discuss allowance with her beforehand and set a reasonable amount. Also, discuss with her when she will stop receiving allowance. She is doing a fair bit of chores, so don't give her too low an allowance because she will get discouraged about it. Don't make it too high, though, or she'll go through life expecting to be paid for everything.

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    My daughters only chores is 2 keep her bedroom clean (the way I like it), keep the kitchen table clean, pick up anything of hers she brings down stairs, make sure she brings her empty hangers down so I can put her clean clothes on them & she takes them up & puts them away. She gets 20.00 a week for just that. She does have 2 feed & water her cat. I give her extra cuz she buys her own cat food.. She's 14.. I do like ur list but my daughter wouldn't do it. She doesn't like what she has 2 do know. I said well I don't want u 2 b a slob & have s dirty house when u get older.

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    Well I don't know about the laundry thing unless of course you teach her what can and what can't be washed with each other, I'm still teaching that to my own 9 year old daughter. Also I'd include clearing and setting the table before and after dinner, my girls do that every day.

  • I think it sounds like a great list. And since you said you'll give her a allowance. I think a dollar for every chore she does sounds fair. So since you have ten if she does say eight out of ten chores then she'll get eight dollars since she did eight chores.

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    yeah by the time i was 9 i was expected to be taking care of myself. those chores look about right to me. she should also start helping you with the cooking. it is a useful skill that she will need eventually. always start with the basics, they even have cook books for cooking with children.

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    It sounds fair. Make sure that homework/play time is not sacrificed. Paying her is terrific; it will give her a sense of accomplishment, of earning money for herself, and self esteem.

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