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What are the relationships in Modern Family?

So I just began watching the series and my first episode was when the two gay guys try to about a new baby and the Mila Kunis wanted to move in with her bf. (Still learning names) but it seems Al Bundy's character is grandpa to the Asian girl and the farther of Mil'as mother? So are all of them somehow related? I'm confused.

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    9 years ago
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    Jay (Al Bundy) is married to Gloria (the latina woman)

    Gloria has a son (with her ex-husband)- Manny

    Jay has two kids with his ex-wife: Claire (blonde) and Mitchell (redhead)

    Claire is married to Phil (dark-haired guy)

    They have three kids: Haley (Mila Kunis looking girl), Alex (the smart girl), Luke

    Mitchell lives with his partner, Cameron

    they adopted a girl together named Lily (asian girl)

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    Al Bundy is father to all the families (with an Ex) One of the Gay guys is his son (The skinnier one) Then the Mila Kunis mother is his daughter.

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