By some chance Jerry Sandusky is found not guilty what will the impact be?

As far as the future of Penn St,and prosecuting child molestation cases as a whole?I think he's guilty as sin but I also thought and still think Casey Anthony was guilty and look what happened there.

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    No matter which way it goes, Penn State will always have a bad reputation. There were many there who knew about Sandusky and his raping boys.. yet they did nothing to stop it. There was a report awhile back about there being more people than the police had first thought, that new all about him being caught in the act of raping a boy in the shower at Penn State. Many authority's there turned a blind eye to this. They thought saving the schools reputation was more important than saving children from being scarred for life.

    If Sandusky goes free I believe he will do the same thing again. Many child rapists learn to kill their victims (the next time) to keep their mouths shut. This has happened several times. There is no cure for a pedophile. He'll probably be arrested again, for child rape, or... child rape and murder. I really believe they have enough evidence to put him away for life.

  • 8 years ago

    The only way Sandusky could be found Innocent would be if the lead prosecuting attorney suddenly had to be replaced and they could get nobody to finish the trail so they grabbed the first person walking on the street to finish the trail. As for the Anthony trail l always felt that Casey was sexually abused by her farther when she was very young Which has a traumatic effect on the victims their entire lives.

  • 8 years ago

    A stunning victory for boy boning creeps across the world. Civilization will collapse, lust in the streets. Colleges will shut their doors for fear of the alumni using the students as playthings.

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    8 years ago

    the parents of those boy's should bear some of the guilt.

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