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Is Jake Gyllenhaal gay?

So I was browsing on 'On demand' about to rent a movie then I saw a preview of this movie called Brokeback Mountain. Then I saw Jake Gyllenhaal and it sort of surprised me because I don't think straight men are comfortable with playing a gay role ( By the way I have nothing against gay men I actually support L.G.B.T ) And then i checked out the preview and in one scene he was on top of him I think or hugging him and no offense not really how straight men hug >:/ then I rented the movie and then I saw one scene and they were making babies?And that sort of really made me think he was gay.. (I don't like the F word for some reason) I also searched up some answer and it said he was about to come out of the closet yet it said Reese Witherspoon was single and you know the celebrity romances so I guess here goes Jake..

I just want to know this offends you for some odd reason don't bother comment.


@Dorton I'm12 person I have no idea who they are.

@Damian Unnecessary comment

Update 2:

@CAB I really don't know what you mean by that ._. I just asked a simple question

Update 3:

Cft or whatever your name is..I don't care about his sexuality alI did was asking a simple question

Update 4:

Thanks Eric

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    9 years ago
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    Jake G played a gay role in that but so many have. Leonardo Dicaprio, Colin Firth, so many! Imagine this, you are a straight actor in showbizz and you see a role where you are gay but think you are gunna get paid so much for that film and maybe get awards for it. Wouldn't you do that?

    And no, he is straight. Sadly :P

  • 9 years ago

    Oh,what is this?A 7 year-old movie with gay cowboys starring Jake Gyllenhaal,an A-list celebrity?Why have I never heard of this?Maybe because I'm a troll?

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    9 years ago

    There's been speculation about this for a long time. I hope you don't mind, but I'm choosing this space to get on my soapbox. Celebrities have the right to their privacy. Actors act. It's what they do. Does their sexual preference make them less of an actor? Is a gay singer less of a singer? So, if Jake is gay, great. If he isn't, that's great too. Let him work in his craft and leave him alone.

  • 5 years ago

    I just watched it on Bravo too. No he isn't gay. And neither is Heath ledger. (After seeing him in Brokeback Mountain, I am having a hard time seeing him as the Joker)Thats why its called acting. And you know Will from Will&Grace? he isn't gay either. Hes another example of a straight guy who plays a gay character. RIP Heath Ledger.

  • 9 years ago

    Alex Pattrfyr, Ed Speelers and Freddie Highmore Have all done Gay scenes in their acting career, are they Gay too??.

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    9 years ago

    A brand new account, created just today...back under your bridge, troll.

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