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What are examples of terrorism achieving its goal? Who have been the most successful terrorists?

In terms of their objective being reached..

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    One of the principal goals of terrorists is to prove that their enemies are as bad as they say they are. In that respect, the perpetrators of 9/11 were successful beyond their wildest dreams. That act accelerated the creeping loss of democracy here in the US to a gallop; consider things like the "Patriot" Act, the establishment of the Ministry of Homeland Security, the de facto introduction of national identity cards, the new law allowing the indefinite detention of US citizens without trial, the growing use of surveillance drones over US territory, and the proposed law requiring tracking bugs to be installed in all cars manufactured starting in 2014.

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    Osama Bin Laden at his time was quite the terrorist -- he has been known to be the mastermind of 9/11, which put the world in shock. His group, Al Qaeda, is also tied with countless other terrorist groups in the world (Where I live, in the Philippines, there is a group called the Abu Sayyaf which is connected to Al Qaeda).

    Although I don't know the correct terms, there is a direct and indirect form of terrorism. Direct, which means a terrorist group doing harm in a foreign country by sending rebels on a suicide mission, like a truck bombing. An indirect form of terrorism could be the use of mail to spread anthrax to another country.

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    Terrorism:The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. But nowadays terrorism is a bit of a joke and has turned into more of racism. For example people freak out now everytime they see an Arab near an airport and immediately think they are there to bomb the plane...

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    The real terrorists are the following groups:

    Imperialist Europe

    Imperialist America

    They invade countries and create wars for oil.

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    Terrorists never win. But their immediate goal...

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    the jews in palestine, they assasinated count Bernadotte, and the bombing of king david hotel in jeruslem. these terrorists became prime ministers of israel, have arsenal of 200 nuclear heads, and supported by the evil empire of north america.

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    i don't agree. all of us that makes use of homicide to help their "ideals" at the instant are not struggling with for something. they are in basic terms utilising excuses to kill people who they don't choose around. Nelson Mandela never killed or asked others to kill for freedom. Hilter had no activity in freedom by any potential. All Hitler needed develop into "undesirables" to be killed so he might desire to start a grasp race. Hitler additionally did not die for his reason, he killed himself like a coward because of the fact he knew he might ought to respond to for the terrible crimes he committed. to evaluate those adult adult males interior the comparable breath is previous disrespectful. Murdering or having others murdered interior the call of a few crackpot reason is in basic terms straight forward homicide. you may gown it up even nevertheless you like, that's what it incredibly is.

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    governments achieve their goals all the time..... as for successful terrorists take your pick.... any president,governor,prime minister..

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    people from irak,iran,pakistan,syria.

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