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企劃英文題目 幫解答

3. the segment of the population that programs are aimed at is called

A. the patrons

B. the clientele

C. the target market

D. none of the above

4. a systematic process of assessing program directions and changes in programs designed to serve clientele describes

A. an activity analysis .

B. a needs assessment .

C. an activity adaptation.

D. a demand analysis.

5. data showing the desires of a population to ward increased program opportunity describes.

A. an activity analysis .

B. a needs assessment.

C. an activity adaptation.

D . a demand analysis.

6. which of the following documents are considered organizational literature?

A. annual reports

B. project and program highlights

C. news items

D. program evaluations

E. all of the above

7. the idea that information sought yield accurate and correct results describes which of the following terns?

A. reliability

B. congruence

C. validity

D. consistency

8. where a research method yield the same from of results over repeated measuring that is referred to as

A. reliability

B. congruence

C. validity

D. consistency

9. organized leisure has the power to accomplish social goals ,therefore recreation professionals view their work as

A. meaning basic needs

B. providing a human service

C. facilitating social reintegration

D. providing an informal outlet

10. the professional philosophy of leisure services has adopted a marketing approach that mandates the following

A. use a variety of pricing strategies

B. all programs should have a marketing plan

C. excess revenue should be channeled to ward marketing

D. attract and serve those who can pay

11. the mission statement allows the leisure service organization to articulate which of the following ?

A. who they are providing services for

B. what they are trying to accomplish

C. to what extent they have been successful

D. all of the above

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    Enterprise planning were answered as:-






    (8)D con

    (9)C social

    (10) D serve

    (11)D all service.

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