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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicComics & Animation · 9 years ago

Marvel UNIVERSE vs DC Universe?

What would u think would win the marvel universe or dc universe in fight to the death

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  • 9 years ago
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    Marvel would win. Not only do they have more villains and heros they are overall are stronger too. DC only has Batman, Wonder woman and Superman who are really strong. Marvel has gods like Thor, mutants like Hulk and Wolverine, aliens like the Phoenix/Jean Grey who can destroy the world and universe if she wanted too, and villains like Magneto and Apocalypse! Marvel is just and overall powerhouse compared to DC.

    But some would argue that DC would cause each superhero/villain tends to have more than one ability but Marvel made the heros/villains to contrast well and make B.A teams that work efficiently well together and in my opinion you need a team that relies on everyone not just one person like Superman or Batman in the Justice League. Not only that each hero/villain in DC has a really dumb weakness that cripples them and make them useless: Superman with Kryptonite. Marvel generated great concepts like the relations between Wolverine and Magneto and though Magneto can destroy him Wolverine still finds away around his weakness and beats him every time, is weakness is strong but is doesn't cripple him, there are ways around it.

    Lastly, heros/villains in Marvel get along better than DC characters: case in point in some Batman comics Batman kills everyone/ leaves the Justice League. DC characters just don't always get along and don't work together like the ones in Marvel: Avengers and Xmen.

    I am a HUGE DC girl, Batman especially but I won't be arrogant in saying DC would win when clearly Marvel would clean the floor with them. The only people I really see standing a chance from DC is Batman,Superman, Spectre, Starfire, and Raven and a few others. Other than that DC is screwed.

    But here is a list of 100 strongest Marvel character ever!

    These 100 heros and villains are the reasons why Marvel would win!

    Source(s): Comic book girl :P
  • 5 years ago

    Dc Universe Vs Marvel

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Every DC/Marvel hero/villain created - The other has replicated. For example, Superman was replicated by Marvel into the 'Sentry'. I think Marvel have a Wonder Man much like DC's Wonder Woman. While I think most of Marvel's characters are just stupidly overpowered, such as Thor, Hercules, The Sentry, Deadpool, Wolverine, Scarlet Witch and many more.

    To me, it seems like Marvel just goes into laughable measures, I mean come on. Nothing can kill Deadpool, his limbs regrow and not even decapitation can defeat him, Wolverine survived an atomic explosion which took off all his skin, but that didn't stop him from regenerating, Thor has 'Godforce' which apparently can kill even those deemed immortal, The Hulk has infinite strength, when Ares threw his spear at the Hulk it broke, and even when something does hurt him he gets more powerful AND has a healing factor. The Sentry has the power of one million suns and managed to tear Carnage in half. The Silver Surfer is enough example of how silly Marvel can get, but I won't go into detail about him. Let alone little boy Franklin who much like Scarlet Witch can fiddle with reality, but hey! That's Marvel for you. Its one of the biggest reasons I prefer DC, they can still make kick-*** comics with Batman or the Joker without being too silly about it, granted Superman can be stupid at times but he doesn't match up to the things the other heroes have done in MU (Cough cough, Hercules and Thor cough cough). If the two universes were too meet I think it'd be pretty even, whoever would write it would either make it a stalemate, or be biased and make one or the other side win.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    This Site Might Help You.


    Marvel UNIVERSE vs DC Universe?

    What would u think would win the marvel universe or dc universe in fight to the death

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  • 6 years ago

    Let me give you a definate answer. If this battle were to take place, it would be a stalemate. why? because each univers/multiverse/Omniverse(not going to get into it) has a god, representing the writers of the comics. This basically means that what ever the writers desire is fair game. Though I am a huge comic fan/nerd, and I have figured who I think would win(With their current roster) in my opinion.

    Each company has their carbon copies of each other(as stated). For example: hawkeye-Green arrow, Ironman-Batman, Superman-Hyperion(They have the EXACT SAME POWERS, you can research yourself), and the list goes on. Though in an all out war, I m sorry but all of your favorites don t matter. We have to focus on the godlike to the Nigh-Omnipotent characters. To put it simply, i love both companies, but I belive marvel would win. I love the characters of DC AND Marvel, but they have STUPIDLY overpowered characters. To the point that they are boring. For instance, pre-retcon(Retroactive continuity change) Molecule Man can control, alter, and project EVERY MOLECULE IN THE MULTIVERSE-_-. Lets not even talk about pre-retcon beyonder who is literally God. For those of you who don t understand literal Omnipotence, it means that you can do LITERALLY ANYTHING. He could choose the delete the entire Marvel, and DC universes at the bat of an eyelash. He also has Omniscence, which means you know everything that has ever been known, and will ever be known this means he already knows everyones weaknesses. Also backed up by time travel, reality warping, cosmic, and astral projection, immortality, invunerability and just about every stupid OP power out there. Though let me say again, These kind of characters are boring to me, as why do you wonder why batman, superman, ironman, captain america, spiderman, etc. are so popular? They can be beaten which is suspenseful, and interesting! Now don t get me wrong, DC has some crazy characters to, like LUCIFER AND MICHEAL THE ARCHANGEL THEMSELVES xD. They just don t stand a chance against characters that can destroy multiverses.

  • 6 years ago

    There are comics that DC and Marvel made a crossover with called DC versus Marvel Comics.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    In mybopinionmarvel is oh so much better but dc usually makes their characters out to be invinceble. Though they aren't as good as marvel

  • 6 years ago

    Marvel. A mutant like Scarlet Witch who can wrap reality, a god like Thor. Jean Grey (The Phoenix) who can destroy the universe if she want to. Or the Hulk! DC has good characters but to me.. they are not as strong as Marvel's characters.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    A stupid fanboy flame war starting question.

    You can go on for an eternity considering all the possibilities of why one side would win over the other.

    But I'd have to agree with most people here. There is little to nothing I like from DC comics. The Joker being one of the few exceptions. (But NOT Batman, FVCK HIM)

    @Batman- lol, the name Batman and yet you say Marvel.....

  • 9 years ago

    I am a total marvel fan I really dislike DC so marvel wins because

    -Not everyone is all powerful in marvel so the characters are more realistic and relatable

    -they don't come up with stupid characters that can only be deafeated by a radioactive rock

    -The stories move along much smoother in marvel than DC stories which tend to drag

    -I think the Marvel Comics have better illustrations than DC

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