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Should San Diego get an NBA Team?

Being from San Diego, I know the city has financial problems and is still trying to get a stadium built for the Chargers. The stadium talks now talk about enhancing the Sports and Entertainment district in Downtown San Diego, which would feature PETCO Park, the Chargers new stadium, and perhaps an expanded Convention Center. However, the problem is financing.

If an NBA team were to move to San Diego, it could help donate money into the project, and also provide the city with more job opportunities, thus helping the economy.

I know this probably isn't too realistic, but hey, it's an interesting idea. An NBA team would play in San Diego during it's "dead period" (i.e. late Winter/early Spring when the Padres/Chargers don't play). What do you all think? Perhaps even a team already within Califoria could relocate?

I'm aware the Clippers and Rockets used to play here. I know attendance was bad, but to be fair, so were both teams.


I know, like I said, "Isn't too realistic" haha

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    Honestly no. I'm from San Diego born and raised lived here for 18 years, and they don't have very good fan support, or city support. The Chargers have been trying to get a new stadium for years and years now and can't seem to get it. Qualcomm is the oldest stadium in the league and been outdated for like 15 years now, I wouldn't be surprised if they move to LA when Farmers Field is built. The Chargers games are blackouted often cause they don't sell out. The Padres stink, and never fill up their stadium. Half the time I'm there, there's more fans of other teams than Padre fans. And San Diego fans just aren't as passionate as other cities. There's too much to do.

    Plus there's no facility, and I don't see the city just building one. Knowing SD they'll use the Sports Arena for Concerts and other events until it can no longer stand lol!

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    Honestly, while youre trying to build a football stadium, you cant build another smaller stadium, the cost is way too much. I could see San Diego having a team in the future though

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    Well professional exercises teams are confidential associations that can be moved at the whim of the owner, I have no idea why the Clippers left San Diego however they will have to go back, the Clippers do not belong in L.A.

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    The better question is will Los Angeles get a football team again... They really need one.

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