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If the private sector is so much better than government, then why haven't we seen a single for profit college?

emerge that can even begin to approach the prestige and credibility of schools like SUNY Geneseo, SUNY Upstate Medical University, SUNY at Buffalo, SUNY New Paltz, the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Campus, UNC Chapel Hill, or UCLA Stanford?

We're not talking about nitpicks here. There isn't a single for profit college that even comes close to any of these schools.


Do Conservatives realize that in order for people to believe the claims that "the private sector is better at everything than government," that the private sector actually has to perform at a superior level?

Update 2:

Also, before you go complaining about taxpayer subsidies, tuition at any one of these schools is roughly half of what you'd pay to go to Bryant & Stratton or ITT Tech.

Update 3:

@ The Taxpayer - outside of the Ivy League most private colleges pale in comparison to any of these schools. Also, most of the Ivy League schools receive so much in the way of state and federal grants, they actually get more money from the government than most public colleges and universities do.

Update 4:

atoz - considering those funds could be directed towards academic pursuits, is the misdirection of Federal Funding a government problem, or a failure of private sector management?

Update 5:

@ Jared - if you could cite a series of innovations instead of just citing "innovation" as an abstract concept then you might have a point.

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    I for one do NOT want a profit motive built in to public services...who the he11 does? Oh, yeah, corporations.

  • Jared
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    I don't understand your question...are you saying that the private sector is "bad" at education?

    If so, I agree whole-heartedly, but I don't really see that, necessarily, as an argument that the public sector is better than the private sector.

    Perhaps your point is that the "public sector" (meaning government paid, not-for-profit) is better at some things than the private sector. In this case, only idiots will disagree...

    ...but at the SAME TIME, you HAVE to admit that the private sector does a "better" job at other things, namely innovation (in fact that's the ONLY thing the private sector is better at--but it's a VERY NECESSARY THING!)


    You're picking a fight with the wrong person (because I'm on your side)...but seriously, private sector innovation?






    The light bulb

    The Microwave Background Radiation was discovered by Bell Labs

    Entertainment (in general) if you're saying that ALL of these inventions have their roots in academic research (funded by the "hated" government), then you'd be EXACTLY CORRECT!!!

    But that doesn't take away from the power of greed to innovate. Academia generally will present someone with a non-profitable idea and it takes someone from the private sector to figure out how to make this product profitable--this is why we have a TV in every home, why we ALL have cell phones, etc.

    Again, DON'T get me wrong, I'm a socialist (perhaps a capitalistic socialist). I want EVERYONE to try their idea and have it fail or succeed. But I don't want a punishment for failure (i.e. crushing life-long debt that can never be repaid)--I want the government to try EVERYTHING and see what sticks!!! If it doesn't "work", hit the restart button, try again (or go to work for someone who DID have a "good" idea).

    You cannot be truly sane if you don't understand that a business model is important. Having said that, there are things that people NEED, regardless (like education). There are things that we MUST accept as a society that are a "loss", meaning that it DOESN'T make money and, in fact, actually just bleeds money. But these things are important for a civilized society and thus are worthwhile.

    The "profit" isn't always monetary and some people don't seem to understand that--sometimes we just pay cops because otherwise there would be lawlessness, it's NOT because they bring in revenue (except now, fines have become a source of revenue--that local government desperately depend on--which is probably why our crime rates are so high).

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    Everything in the private sector is not done purely for profit, some is done to give a better alternative to choices offered by government.

    In my state, there are a least 2 colleges that are more academically prestigious and challenging than UNC-Chapel Hill. That would be Davidson College and Duke, both private institutions.

    I believe you may be suffering under a false assumption that just because we don't emotionally fully support "government" schools (although we are forced to fully support them financially) then we must not support schools at all.

    "Socialism, like the ancient ideas from which it springs, confuses the distinction between government and society. As a result of this, every time we object to a thing being done by government, the socialists conclude that we object to its being done at all." - Frédéric Bastiat

    When I receive my Property Tax Bill, most of which goes to county public schools, I'd love to have the option to forward the tax due to any private school (the school could issue a tax paid receipt) so that a child who is "trapped" in public schools could opt out and attend a private school.

    The idea is to force public schools to "compete" for my money by getting better. Competition in this regard is not "profit" oriented.....just results oriented.

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    Do you realize that there cannot be a public sector without a vibrant private sector - where do you think they get the money.

    One more thing, the more that the government gives to colleges, the more the colleges charge. They now run colleges like vacation camps, climbing walls, all sorts of amenities that one would get on vacation, that is what the colleges use the extra money for, then up the charges.

    ADD: It starts with the Federal not stipulating and following up to where the money goes. Then again that is how they solve all the problems, just write checks and up the taxes on private citizens.

    BTW: I was talking about public schools. Private schools can charge whatever they want, it is up to individuals to either pay or go elsewhere.

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    Actually, most of the colleges you listed are mediocre, outside of Chapel Hill and Stanford, I could get into all of those without a second thought. But at the same time, the majority of the nation's best colleges are still public institutions. There are exceptions (like NYU), but they are rare. While I do believe that we need to publicize more colleges, the first and foremost problem is cost right now.

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    time to come up for air, otter, and look around you.

    ever hear of the University of Phoenix?

    how about ITT Tech?

    google York Technical Institute...

    these are all schools whose primary mission is to turn a profit.

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    Private colleges.

    Most of the ones in New York are better than those you've cited.

  • Andy
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    9 years ago

    I spy with my little eye...someone who doesn't understand that not everything in the private sector is for profit.

  • Anonymous
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    Thanks for putting your ignorance on display.Ever heard of Notre Dame? Plus the private sector is about jobs not education

  • IChee
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    9 years ago

    All colleges are for profit, wonder where the money comes from ...

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