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Aeonyx asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 9 years ago

Did you think "Prometheus" sucked? (spoiler alert!)?

I love sci-fi and have seen each of the Alien movies 5 times-- several of them in the theatres when they first came out. But with all the secrecy in Hollywood and in the press I would have thought "Prometheus" was going to tell us who shot JFK or introduce some radical new technology like Avatar did. But instead of either of those or of having a trend setting, simple good guy-bad guy, horror-sci-fi creature feature, classic like the original-- it was just all over the place, like it was condensed from 5 movies and they couldn't decide what the plot should be about-- I would call it uneven at best.

I know sci-fi requires some suspension of disbelief and they may want to create some open issues for sequels, but there was SO much stuff left unanswered it kinda just ticked me off. Just for starters:

Why have a young guy like Guy Pierce play an old man unless you were going to have him in other scenes as a younger version of himself? ..just get an old man.

The first scene has a cool alien kill himself?? or did he? WTF was that all about? was it earth, was it on purpose.. the ship over him was different too-- did somebody else make him too?

Can anybody go repelling an hour after a c section without bleeding to death or doubling over in outregeous pain? sci fi or not, gimme a break.

Why terraform a planet you're just making weapons on?

Why would the aliens leave clues on earth on how to find the weapons planet?

Why would you build a pyramid on top of your ship? ...there's no one else on the planet to see or threaten it??

Why have a broad you don't like in charge if you're there AND you have cool hollograms AND a robot than can do everything?

Why did the robot infect the guy?

There were many ships they never checked. How many other aliens were alive on them?

Why did the original explorers (in the first movie) discover the exact same ship but with (crab-like) aliens in the "vases" instead of the spoors.

Why was the one living alien in a sleep chamber while on the ground-- when he could just take off at any time?

If Vickers was so brilliant and handpicked her multi million dollar crew, why was there dipshit stoners on the crew? c'mon.

You are thousands of years ahead of us technology wise and you have a big donut shaped spaceship which still flys after 2 thousand years of sitting underground AND can crash to the ground and roll around like a childs toy.. BUT its so poorly built that it falls to the ground after a little fender bender!!?? doh

Tell me your other questions or answers!

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    9 years ago
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    Wow! You hit on EVERY plot hole that my wife and I thought of today after we paid big bucks to see this movie in an IMAX theater in 3D. Well put!

    One other thing that I noticed was that the supposed "Captain" sure didn't act like a captain of a spaceship or any other kind of ship. What captain leaves two members of his crew in unexplored territory overnight and tells them to just stay warm and wait 'til morning for a rescue? Then...he leaves the bridge and goes to have sex (with Vickers).

  • 9 years ago

    I agree. The movie sucked, and I am a big fan of Alien.

    You know, the whole who created me thing could have been very interesting (I liked the reference to Lawrence of Arabia. T.E. Lawrence was a bastard), but the movie is built to be a summer blockbuster, so most of that subtlety is lost.

    David's motivations seem pretty clear. He is built to be Weyland's son, and he is acting to covet Weyland's affection, competing with Vickers. Weyland is communicating with David, and David infects that really annoying scientist because that's what he thinks Weyland wants.

    Now, why in the hell does Weyland come along or go to the ship? It's clear that these particular aliens have no answers for him, and if they are taking off to destroy earth, then why does he think they'd be so happy to see him, let alone give him some answers or more life.

    The whole king has his reign thing is also, on its own, kind of interesting, but it totally gets lost here.

    The question you fail to ask is what is she going to eat on that ship? I didn't see a lot of appetizing alien food around. Maybe David can cook up something.

    Lastly, I completely agree about the C-section bit. Shouldn't she have blown her staples like twenty times at the end?

  • 9 years ago

    YES! I TOTALLY AGREE! i thought i wasted my 13 bucks. i know about movies, i watch A LOT of movies and Prometheus was just a scam! I mean don't get me wrong the idea of the movie leaded me on you know? With the whole "where did we come from" idea and i gave this movie a shot because he did well in Blade Runner and Alien, but i had NO IDEA that he was going to pull this movie out from Alien. I mean the ending with the Alien turning? Like seriously dude?! I thought we were done with the whole alien v.s. predator thing. WHERE IS THE CREATIVITY?! Ugh and I felt like Charlize Theron really didn't make a huge impact as she should have. Just a bunch of serious faces. I thought she did better in Snow White and the Huntsman. I totally agree with the old man thing. Like wtf? Why get a fake young dude to play him? Just to mess around with makeup? Probably would have saved more money with an unknown actor, i would have more respect for that! i think basically the writers sucked for this movie. i can't believe the trailer duped me! i'm usually careful with these kind of things but i gave the director too much of my trust. NEVER AGAIN! ughhh!

    P.s. sorry for the long rant!

    Source(s): Saw the movie, very disappointed!
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I thought it was alright, but it could've been better, especially the casting and acting.

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