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Ladyboys in Thailand why?

Why are Thai people more likely to be trans-gender than other places in the world? It just seems odd that there are a hell of a lot of lady-boys in Thailand.


Just to make it clear to those who have said - i was not being judgemental or discriminative in my question, it was just purely curiosity as there was a program on the tv about ladyboys thats all.

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    It's a very hard question to answer, to a visitor there does appear to be a lot of Ladyboys, but most visitors frequent the very same places which attract the majority of ladyboys, the tourist meccas.

    The reason so many Ladyboys are found in the tourist meccas is because although they are readily accepted in Thai society they are still discriminated against in the professional and semi professional jobs market. Unfortunately this leaves few options for them, the fascination many foreigners have for Ladyboys, plus the abundance of less skilled employment has drawn them to the tourist meccas.

    The reason they are so readily accepted in society is due to the "live and let live" attitude of the Thai people which fore-mostly stems from Buddhist teachings and beliefs.

    In short, Ladyboys are not bullied, abused or discriminated against in Thailand as much as they would be in many other countries, therefore there is no repression or need to hide their inner-self.

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    I dont think there are more than anywhere else Its a part of the lifestyle and they are more open than other countries If you were to walk out in my area dressed like a girl then you would get a lot of problems Also a Thai male is more female looking than a westerner who usually looks like a gorilla :)

    I have been taken to some bars in the past or some ladyboy show in Chiang Mai I honestly thought I would hate every second of the show It was absolutely amazing and I enjoyed it I do not like the male dressing as girls comedy thing we get here I have seen what you call a ladyboy as in just a guy with very long hair style or who have changed there whole appearance that you would be hard pressed to know at first glance

    Most thai girls love ladyboys as they are safer than with a regular guy and can talk about girlie things

    Also you have the stereotyping of Thailand that people have 3 buzzwords that come to there minds

    As above about British tourists uhmm well a few Brits abroad do act like idiots but not all some are just the few drunks in Pattaya Same as with any other country I find American tourists just as annoying or Europeans act in the same way

    The worst thing I have ever seen from a tourist was an australian woman buying some fruit from a street vendor saying to the guy at 1 am in the morning that her mango was over priced at 15bht when the next guy over had sold her some at 10bht thats pretty bad in my eyes

    Sad but true

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    You obviously have not travelled to India or Brazil where there are far more than in Thailand.

    We have friends that are Ladyboy's and are nice people. The majority have normal job's but maybe the ladyboy's you saw where in Tourist area's.

    The most concentrated I have seen is in Pattaya and Phuket but not as many in Bangkok.

    It's no big deal to be a Ladyboy in Thailand and people here do not have the hung up's that maybe people in The West do. They are like you and I human beings after all and if that is the way the want to live their lives that's ok - please do not be judgmental.

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    In Thailand, ladyboys are considered the third gender. People are more accepting in Thailand. As others have said, there just seems to be a lot because they are all concentrated in the major tourist areas. Throughout the rest of Thailand, they are not nearly as common. The thing is, many young women will go to tourist areas to become prostitutes so they can earn a lot of money to send back to their families, but it is not as easy for men who are not tertiary educated. So, many do this so they too can sell themselves and make money for their families.

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    I suppose, as other answers mention, it has a lot to do with how religion has shaped the culture. Whereas in many western countries LGBT people are harshly condemned on religious grounds, in Thailand the influence of Buddhism lets people see that everyone owns their own karma.

    There are some conflicts, however, because LGBT's cannot fully participate in Thai culture. For example, it is tradition that a man ordains as a monk sometime in his life. The Vinaya (code of conduct for monks) prohibits gay men from ordaining. Nevertheless, LGBT's are celebrated in Thai media with a number being famous TV personalities.

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    Well, you can name Philippines a proud Christian nation. But Filipinos, as you know, are simply folks CHRISTIANS. A lot of Filipino "Christians" still very much dangle to their ancient folktales and folk practices and superstitions and, hence, cannot utterly decide to their colonial Western faith. So, despite the fact that the Thai possibly Buddhists via and through, they are at least sticking with one form of religion as an alternative than blindly fumbling around with a Western religion that they cannot even begin to fully grasp. As for the quantity of prostitutes either nation has, there are quite a lot of sources of records on the subject that you would be able to conveniently discover by means of Googling. The final time I checked, I suppose the two nations are particularly equal to one another within the quantity of prostitution that occurs. No idea in regards to the shemale populations. Most commonly no trustworthy information on that one.

  • Ladyboys or kathoeys are as they are from a much earlier age than most westerners

    think,often nursery or pre junior, decided by parents on instinct, so it's not as if they

    get to their teens and decide I want to be a girl, I have many friends who are kathoey

    and many very beautiful, they are accepted in Thai society as female (but not legally

    as in ID card or marriage) many are so female that you should not think of them as

    guys wanting to appear female more like females with a penis if you can understand

    that, we often wonder why westerners find it such a big deal.

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    Just because you see more lady-boys in Thailand don't mean that there are more in Thailand. It's because they are better accepted in Thai and Buddhism culture.

    It seems more "odd" to me why are they not so well accepted by Christianity if they believe their god created all people.

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    The Buddhist culture doesn't have the same view of many Christian cultures when it comes to being a Transgender.

    Being a Transgenders isn't considered a "Sin" but more as a part of the Road to Enlightenment in which the person has done something in their previous existence which causes their current existence to be more difficult.

    So it's just a natural part of life.

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    I guess they are more open about it then in England. I always wondered why so my British people make fools of them self when the travel to Thailand, there must be a hell of a lot of them.

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