Dating sims from a girls point of veiw?

Okay, hi! So, my name is Chloe! And I am a sucker for romance and I love, love, LOVE Dating Sims! But most of them are from a guys point of view. And I am bored and I couldn't find any that I don't have to download... so here is my question for YOU: Are there any girls Dating Sims that I dont't have to download?? Thank You, Yahoo Answerers!

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  • 9 years ago
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    There are lots of dating sims from a girl's point of view. But if you're looking for free ones, you're limited to what fans write in their spare time for fun, and what companies can use to try and upsell 'freemium' stuff (after all, if they don't make money they can't pay the artists and they can't keep the servers running.)

    So if you really want free ones you can play online, try (fangames) (fangames)

    My Candy Love (freemium)

    Star Project (freemium)

    Beyond that you'll probably want to start looking into the commercial games. The more people support companies making these games, the more of these games we get!

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    forgive me what are sims ? please ask question again

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