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Any Fun Themes for Middle School Dances?

I will be the co-chair of my middle school's dance committee. I want to make our dances themed, but I run the risk of 8th & 7th graders not coming because they think the dances are "lame". Any ideas regarding fun dance themes for Middle School.

To help, here's when we usually have our dances:

8th Grade: October

7th Grade: November

6th Grade: December.

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    Here are some themes I found popular throughout my middle school years:

    Hawaiian theme

    70's theme (Disco)

    Masquerade theme (or Mardi Gras)

    Blacklight party or Neon party

    Sports/Cheerleaders theme

    Hollywood theme

    Viva Las Vegas

    50's Sock Hop

    Hoe Down (Country theme)

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    If the dances are at different times, you shouldn't have the problem of older kids not coming. (I know because I'm in high school). Also, if sixth graders think older kids aren't coming because they think it's lame, they may do the same.


    Ask students. Ask all grades, and see what they think.

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  • When I was in middle school we did fire and ice, it actually turned out pretty cool

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    well at my skool we did a grease theme the girls dressed like they were in the 50s but no one really has 50 s clothing

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