♂ WDYT of my favorite boy names (#21-30)?

I am not pregnant, I just love names.

21. John Walter "John"

22. Matthew James "Matt"

23. Benjamin Daniel "Ben"

24. David Christopher "David"

25. Gregory Thomas "Greg"

26. Jack Arthur "Jack"

27. Nicholas Adam "Nick"

28. Christian Jacob "Chris"

29. Kendall Scott "Kenny"

30. Nathaniel Rhys "Nathan"

The most detailed answer will get ten points! =)

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  • Ambren
    Lv 4
    8 years ago
    Best Answer

    John: It's not bad, I really like Walter, but I think it should be Walter John. My opinion, though.

    Matt: It's funny, all of my brother's middle names are James, except for my one brother, MATTHEW... this is awkward, but it sounds alright? Am I... am I saying that right?

    Ben: I've never been a fan of the name Benjamin, but Ben is alright with me.

    David: I've always despised the name David for no particular reason, and Christopher is too normal a name for my tastes.

    Greg: This one sounds fine, I like it!

    Jack: I'm not sure if Jack and Arthur go together, but it seems like it could be fine.

    Nick: It's ok.

    Chris: If you plan on having 30 boys, you might want to consider giving David a different middle name (lol).

    Kenny: This is my second favorite name in your list! I love the name Kendall!

    Nathan: This is my favorite name in your list! I love the name Nathan alone, and Nathaniel is good, too, and to top it off, you stick Rhys in the end, to make it seamless!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Christian and Matthew are the best!

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