What would you name your kids from my yearbook?

Just for fun. :)

Pick a first and a middle name for each. You can do guily pleasure names (names you love but would never name a child.)

1) Girls:

FN: Alexia, Parker, Darcy, Thalia, Abereese, Rebekah, Katlynn, Danica, Brunella, Amana

MN: Abbie, Jessica, Abigail, Ashleigh, Katherine, Scotti, Simone, Kathleen, Kassidy, Alexandra


FN: Hunter, Javier, Gable, Cayden, Vijay, Kiernan, Dillon, Tanner, Amon, Carston, Remington, Madison, Spock

MN: Ryan, MacKenzie, Marshall, Daniel, Roston, Jy-Tavious, Bentley, Iyan, Giovianni, Yovaris, Roberto

2) Girls

FN: Kora, Avian, Suchita, Mikaela, Skylar, Kaleigh, Iana, Kiley, Kierra, Frederica, Leilani, Tess, Erika, Tatiana, Hunter

MN: Samantha, Zoe, Kirsten, Marley, Yasmin, Autumn, Dominique, Sydney, Chanel, Hiltonesia, Karen, Uldana


FN: Tai, Wesley, Rudolph, Stian, Pierce, Parker, Caige, D'oni, Dylan, Anthony, Blaise, Maxwell, Jarret

MN: Ash, William, Joseph, Jalen, Hayden, Chase, Collin, Owen, Andrew, Kevin, Brennin, Alexander

3) Girls

FN: Maria, Chloe, Alexandra, Naomi, Blair, Chayse, Madison, Cristina, Cierra, Assata, Amaya, Raquel, Courtney, Bethany, Meera, Isla

MN: Kelsey, Hana, Destiny, Padmavathi, Mallory, Natalie, Keyana, Addison, Justine, Alysse, Alexys, Hope


FN: Darryl, Matthew, Jeremy, Kovid, Abhay, Nathaniel, Grant, Jesse, Rhys, Walter, Tyler, Eddy, Chandler,

MN: Jacquez, Christian, Christopher, Brendan, Drake, Korbin, Terry, Timothy, Yehia, Mahir, Thomas

4) Girls

FN: Lavanya, Bryana, 'Keri, Ina, Lexington, Jaydeen, Chandler, Kotomi, Lujain, Soumya, Aiyanna, Flor, Arisi, Sade

MN: Grace, Gretta, Presley, Willow, Jordyn, Delani, Hudda, Peden, Rhiannon, Maclayne, Shivani, Corynn


FN: Dhruv, Sheamus, Ashley, McKinley, Raymond, Reece, Donovyn, Beau, Cobie, Bronte, Cade, Hayes, Stian

MN: Gabriel, Bronwen, James, Lloyd, Evan, Steven, Clayton, Mark, Garrett, Deven, Marquel

Twin Girls (names of actual pairs of twins/triplets)

FN: Evelyn, Faith, Aubree, Madelyn, Bethany

MN: Elizabeth, Hope, Emilee, Olivia

Twin Boys:

FN: Casey, Zachary, Donald, Dustin

MN: Cyle, Ryan, David, Daniel

Twins B/G:

FN: Carmen, Hannah, Elizabeth, Daniel, Ryan

MN: Evelyn, Bethany, Cyle, Olivia, Donald, Casey

No, I don't go to a low income school. In fact, I go to the top middle school in the county. Some of these names are ethnic, others are just 'youneike'.


Katlynn Alexandra

Kiernan Roberto

Kora Sydney

Wesley Chase

Naomi Alexys

Matthew Drake

Aiyanna Corynn

Cade Gabriel

Evelyn Elizabeth and Bethany Olivia

Zachary Ryan and Dustin Cyle

Hannah Evelyn and Ryan Donald

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  • 9 years ago
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    Oh wow. Those poor kids.... I'll choose names I'd actually use, but I might change spellings and gender where necessary.

    1. Caitlin Abigail

    Hunter Ryan - you have no idea how much it made my day that Madison and Mackenzie were for males. Finally, some correct genders for once!

    2. Michaela Zoe

    Maxwell Hayden

    3. Chloe Natalie

    Nathaniel Thomas - seeing Rhys spelled correctly made me really happy haha :P

    4. Oh gosh, they get worse...

    Sade Grace

    Ashley Lloyd

    Twin girls - Madeleine Olivia and Bethany Elizabeth

    Twin boys - Zachary Ryan and Aubrey Daniel

    Twins B/G - Hannah Olivia and Ryan Casey

    There we go :) There must be an awful lot of gender confused girls judging by the immense overload of masculine names in the girls sections :/

  • 9 years ago

    Alexia Katherine

    Dillon Marshall

    Tess Autumn

    Anthony William

    Naomi Hope

    Nathaniel Thomas

    Sade Willow

    Reece Gabriel

    Evelyn Hope & Faith Olivia

    Casey Ryan & Zachary David

    Elizabeth Bethany & Daniel Cyle

  • ?
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    9 years ago

    Alexia Kathleen

    Hunter Bentley

    Kiley Autumn

    Parker Chase

    Amaya Hope

    Matthew Brendan

    Aiyanna Grace

    Reece Evan

    Evelyn Elizabeth & Aubree Olivia

    Zachary Cyle & Casey Daniel

    Hannah Bethany & Ryan Casey

  • R
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    Thalia Alexandra

    Kiernan Daniel

    Leilani Autumn

    Parker William

    Alexandra Natalie

    Jesse Christopher

    Aiyanna Grace

    Reece James

    Madelyn Emilee

    Bethany Olivia

    Zachary Daniel

    Dustin Ryan

    Hannah Evelyn

    Ryan Cyle

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  • 9 years ago

    Thalia Abigail

    Hunter Marshall

    Skylar Samantha

    Matthew Christopher

    Sade Grace

    Reece James

    Madelyn Hope and Bethany Olivia

    Zachary David and Dustin Ryan

    Hannah Evelyn and Ryan Casey

  • 9 years ago

    Darcy Simone

    Dillon Giovanni

    Iana Autumn

    Wesley William

    Maria Hope

    Walter Christian

    Flor Willow

    Beau Gabriel

    Evelyn Elizabeth and Faith Olivia

    Zachary David and Dustin Ryan

    Carmen Bethany and Daniel Cyle

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Rebekah Simone

    Hunter Marshall

    Mikaela Zoe

    Wesley Alexander

    Naomi Hope

    Nathaniel Korbin

    Sade Grace

    Cobie James

    Evelyn Olivia & Madelyn Hope

    Zachary Daniel & Dustin Ryan

    Hannah Olivia & Daniel Cyle

  • 9 years ago

    1 - Parker Abigail

    2 - Dillon Bentley

    3 - Skylar Autumn

    4 - Maxwell Chase

    5 - Blair/Chloe Addison

    6 - Matthew Brendan

    7 - Lexington Grace

    8 - Beau Gabriel

    9 - Aubree Elizabeth and Madelyn Olivia

    10 - Zachary Ryan and Casey David

    11 - Hannah Evelyn and Ryan Casey

  • Chloe
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    9 years ago

    1) Rebekah Katherine

    Remington Bentley

    2) Frederica Autumn

    Dylan Andrew

    3) Chloe Hana

    Matthew Brendan

    4) Lexington Willow

    Raymond Mark

    Evelyn Elizabeth and Madelyn Olivia

    Zachary Ryan and Dustin Cyle

    Ryan Casey and Hannah Evelyn

    Out of curiosity... what might the top middle school in the country be? lol

  • Sarah
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    Rebekah Katherine

    Dillon Ryan

    Kora Zoe

    Dylan William

    Isla Hope

    Tyler Thomas "Tommy"

    Bryana Grace

    Raymond James

    Evelyn Olivia "Evie" and Faith Hope

    Zachary Ryan "Zack" and Dustin Daniel

    Hannah Bethany and Ryan Donald

  • Cara
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    9 years ago

    1) Girl

    Thalia Simone


    Cayden Ryan

    2) Girl

    Kylie Yasmin


    Dylan Alexander

    3) Girl

    Madison Hope


    Nathaniel Chrisopher

    4) Girl

    Jaydeen Grace


    Ashley James

    Twin Girls

    Evelyn Elizabeth and Madelyn Hope

    Twin Boys

    Zachary Ryan and Casey Daniel

    B/G Twins

    Hannah Olivia and Daniel Cyle

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