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What about French (France's) humor? Do Anglo-Canadians get that or only Quebeckers do?

Like if you watch France comedies (whether in VO or in English) do you get it? Is it funny to you or not?

And this concludes the trilogy of HAHA Q's for this am. Sorry I had to break it into 3 because or else I only get 1 incomplete answer. Thank you for your participation.



Euh... Quelqu'un?? N'importe qui...??? Allô? Oui, j'écoute..

Update 2:

zhaaganaashimo bemaadizijig?? ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ ᑎᑎᕋᐅᓯᖅ??

Update 3:

@Рона: Спасибо. Only 1 person ever answers under quebec but if you re-read my Q you'll realize that it doesn't target Quebeckers, I want to know about Anglo-Canadians. As in Torontonians, Labradorites, Calgies, that sort of thing.

Update 4:

Thanks but... Um, well yeah @SteveN that's exactly why I am asking, LOL!!! And our films get dubbed into English or subtitled, just like USA movies do in France. So as a rule, yes or no?? I know you're a bilingual Quebecker so again, I was asking Anglos their opinions for themselves and those friends/families of theirs.

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    In the military, we would see travelling shows in our remote stations. There would be a mix of English and French speaking performers, and quite a few that were both (saves money!). The humour of Quebec is different, and sometimes, the humour just doesn't translate. Sometimes, it does - Bowser and Blue are a terrific comedy duo from Montreal, who understand this difference, and even exploit it in their acts, which gets both sides laughing. But, from my experience (I lived in Ottawa, and again saw a wide variety of performers from both groups), the humour is different. I find Quebec humour sometimes silly, and over the top. English speaking Canadians prefer a more subtle style - a bit like British humour. French Canadian seems a bit more slapsticky, like American humour, but, even that isn't quite right... it's just different.

    I have no idea about French humour from France. Being primarily English speaking, I would not get it unless it was translated. And, when they say something is "lost in translation," they aren't kidding! Often humour works because it is not direct - the words lead you somewhere, but, the humour is where you yourself end up. That just doesn't work in a foreign language.

    I honestly don't know how French humour translates for the Quebecois. They are different places - cut off from each other for at least 300 years. Even the language is different.

    Remember, Canada is the "Two Solitudes," with English Culture, and French Culture. The attempts I've seen of bridging it are mostly unsuccessful - with the exception of Bowser and Blue, and a handful of others.

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    I don't think you can make a generalization on whether Anglo-Canadians "get" comedies from France. First off, if you are ONLY anglo, then odds are good you won't understand the language and so most won't get it. And I don't know many French comedies that get translated into English for mainstream viewing anyway. But if you're bilingual, or watching the translated English version, funny is still in the eye of the beholder.

    But the bigger question is whether they find it funny. You can understand a joke or comic reference, and just not relate to it. Look at British humour like the Monty Python shows. Even just among English-speaking people some find it hilarious, while others consider it crass or stupid.

    Something that may be funny in context in France may simply not go over well outside the country.

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    The ones I have as contacts are filled with humor and it's a long way from dry. At least your questions published, at any time when I ask a query approximately Canadians, Yahoo is not going to even put up them. Some do have a well humorousness approximately themselves and a couple of do not. They are not any extraordinary from some other nationality or social organization on right here.

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    Some French humor even Quebecors might not understand. Quebec is Canadianized and France is still the real original deal.

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    Ci dispiace non comprendere il francese Io sono soltanto un altoparlante bilingue inglese

    Not sure about Quebec maybe you ask on the Quebec page to get answer eh..

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