I need music to listen to?

So I have a broadish range of music, spanning from Diana Krall to Sharon Van Etten to Regina Spektor to Fiona Apple. XD

Basically, I want music within these musical genera, preferably something newish and with female vocals.

I listen to...

Alanis Morissette

Amy Winehouse



Damien Rice

Diana Krall


Erin McCarley

Eva Cassidy


A Fine Frenzy

Fiona Apple

First Aid Kit

Florence + the Machine

Gin Wigmore

Gregory and the Hawk

Ingrid Michaelson

Janyse Jaud

Jenny Owen Youngs

Kari Wuhrer

Katie Herzig

Lana Del Rey

Laura Marling


Lisa Hannigan


Melody Gardot


Missy Higgins

Mumford & Sons

Nerina Pallot

Norah Jones


Regina Spektor

Sara Bareilles

Sharon Van Etten

Tegan and Sara

The early Toni Braxton

V V Brown

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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    9 years ago
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    I actually prefere male vocales (even thought I'm a girl, not that It should mather), but here are some you might like;

    Maria and the Diamonds

    La Roux

    Maria Mena


    Lykke Li


    Laleh (Try out some die young)

    PJ Harvey

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    3 Doors Down

    30 Seconds To Mars


    A Day To Remember


    All Time Low

    Allison Weiss

    An Horse


    Artist Vs,. Poet

    Asking Alexandria

    Call The Cops!

    Christina Grimmie

    Cut Is What We Aim For

    Dani Shay

    Ellie Goulding

    Escape the Fate

    Fall Out Boy

    Falling in Reverse

    Fit For Rivals

    Forever The Sickest Kids


    He Is We

    Kaki King

    Kings Of Leon


    Mayday Parade

    Metro Station

    Morgan Page - Body Work Ft. Tegan and Sara

    Never Shout Never

    Panic! At the Disco



    Short Stack

    Sick Of Sarah

    The Killers

    The Script

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    9 years ago

    Going shuffle on my ipod:

    The Cure-

    Prayers For Rain (6:09)

    Pink Floyd-

    Dogs (17:08)

    Arcade Fire-

    Rebellion, Lies (5:10)


    Commercial (0:49)

    Pink Floyd-

    Money (6:32)


    Marquee Moon (10:40)

    Pink Floyd-

    On The Run (3:32)

    They Might Be Giants-

    Hide Away Folk Family (3:22)


    Feeling Called Love (1:22)


    Paper Planes (3:23)-----------Woman singer

    Bob Dylan-

    Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat (3:58)

    Jeff Buckley-

    Mojo Pin (5:41)


    Big Day (3:32)

    The Beatles-

    Oh! Darling (3:27)


    Karma Police (4:21)


    You & Whose Army? (3:11)

    The Beatles-

    Penny Lane (2:57)

    Miles Davis-

    Flamenco Sketches (9:26)

    Arcade Fire-

    In The Backseat (6:17)----------woman singer


    Creep (4:06)

    Pink Floyd-

    The Trial (5:20)

    Kanye West-

    Devil In A New Dress (5:52)

    Arcade Fire-

    Une Anne Sans Lumiere (3:38)

    The Stone Roses-

    Bye Bye Badman (4:03)


    Take The Long Way Home (5:10)


    Prove It (5:00)

    The Pixies-

    Monkey Gone To Heaven (2:57)

    Bob Dylan-

    Tombstone Blues (6:00)

    Sonic Youth-

    Rain King (4:42)


    Lessons (3:52)

    Led Zeppelin-

    Moby Dick (4:20)

    The Beatles-

    Eleanor Rigby (2:10)

    The Beatles-

    A Day In The Life (5:07)

    Nick Drake-

    Parasite (3:42)

    Joy Division-

    Disorder (3:26)

    The Beatles-

    Magical Mystery Tour (2:47)


    Pyramid Song (4:48)

    The Stone Roses-

    Where Angels Play (4:11)

    The Pixies-

    Tromp Le Monde (1:47)

    David Bowie-

    Lady Stardust (3:24)


    Champs (1:46)

    Kanye West-

    Blame Game (7:50)

    Arcade Fire-

    Wasted Hours (3:20)

    The Beatles-

    Golden Slumbers (1:31)

    Bob Dylan-

    Ballad Of A Thin Man (5:58)

    The Smiths-

    The Boy With The Thorn In His Side (3:16)

    The Pixies-

    Cactus (2:17)-------------------man and woman sings

    My Bloody Valentine-

    Blown A Wish (3:36)--------------woman singer


    Myxomatosis (3:52)

    The Doors-

    Light My Fire (7:08)

    The Pixies-

    Bone Machine (3:03)

    David Bowie-

    Ziggy Stardust (3:13)

    The Doors-

    L.A. Women (8:00)


    Everything In Its Right Place (4:13)

    They Might Be Giants-

    Don't Let's Start: Do Not Let Us Start (2:37)

    The Clash-

    Lover's Rock (4:03)

    Bob Dylan-

    Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues (7:05)


    Roads (5:07)------------------woman singer


    NYC (4:20)

    Bob Dylan-

    Mr. Tambourine Man (5:33)

    The Stone Roses-

    Elephant Stone (3:03)

    The Strokes-

    Soma (2:33)

    Jeff Buckley-

    Grace (5:21)

    Kanye West-

    All Of The Lights (5:01)-------------woman sings in it


    Different To Me (0:43)


    Daria (3:44)

    Dj Shadow-

    Mutual Slump (4:05)

    Pink Floyd-

    Sheep (10:20)

    The Doors-

    Soul Kitchen (3:33)

    Arcade Fire-

    Crown Of Love (4:40)

    Nine Inch Nails-

    Hurt (6:16)

    Kanye West-

    Monster (6:22)


    Obstacle 2 (3:47)


    In Bloom (4:14)


    Lowdown (2:27)

    Sonic Youth-

    Kool Thing (4:12)---------------------woman singer

    Joy Division-

    Wilderness (2:33)

    Arcade Fire-

    No Cars Go (5:41)

    Violent Femmes-

    Kiss Off (2:55)

    The Smiths-

    Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others (3:15)


    Mr. Suit (1:25)


    Hit The Plane Down (3:35)

    Davidi Bowie-

    Starman (4:16)

    Joy Division-

    Shadowplay (3:55)

    Kanye West-

    Runaway (9:07)

    Bob Dylan-

    It's Alrigt, Ma . . . I'm Only Bleeding (7:32)

    The Streets-

    The Irony Of It All (3:33)

    The Beatles-

    I Am The Walrus (4:33)

    The Smiths-

    Frankly, Mr. Shankly (2:18)


    Friction (4:43)

    Sonic Youth-

    Teenage Riot (6:55)


    2+2=5 (3:19)

    Bob Dylan-

    Subterranean Homesick Blues (2:24)


    Unfair (2:33)

    Nine Inch Nails-

    March Of Pigs (2:58)

    The Pixies-

    Where Is My Mind (3:54)

    Nine Inch Nails-

    The Becoming (5:31)

    The Cure-

    Lullaby (4:11)

    Jeff Buckley-

    Dream Brother (5:17)

    The Flaming Lips-

    Do You Realize (3:13)

    The Stone Roses-

    Love Spreads (5:45)

    Nick Drake-

    Free Ride (3:10)


    Fame Throwa (3:23)

    The Stooges-

    Search & Destroy (3:29)

    The Flaming Lips-

    Fight Test (4:14)


    How To Disappear Completely & Never Be Found (5:58)

    The Clash-

    Spanish Bombs (3:23)

    Velvet Underground-

    Run Run Run (4:19)

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  • Ellen
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    9 years ago

    Kate Nash

    Terra Naomi

    Catherine Feeny

    Aimee Mann

    The Duke Spirit

    Ida Maria


    Anna Nalick

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  • 9 years ago

    Bikini Kill

    Avett Brothers

    Ra Ra Riot

    Arctic Monkeys

    Two Door Cinema Club

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  • 9 years ago

    Cursive, School Of Seven Bells, The Dresden Dolls, Death Cab For Cutie, Bright Eyes

  • 4 years ago

    i could must be thoroughly by myself in a small and quiet place. i do no longer think of it appreciative adequate to pay attention jointly as being with others because of the fact the two you focus in speaking to the guy or listening to the music yet human beings regularly go with to communicate somewhat than pay attention. If in open places, music must be loud adequate for me to no longer hear my voice. music works in soothing too, so a mushy mellow music could do jointly as analyzing. It would not count the place i'm listening the music as long because of the fact the music is great, i'm ok.

  • 9 years ago

    Dum Dum Girls

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