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If your adversary online labels you as a gibberish but they understood what you want to say ,?

My adversary labels me as schizophrenia, dyslexia victim, then you are privilege because imagine what you are capable to do.

in cooking you know how to prepare the following:

20 sorts of filipino adobo

10 sorts of french adobe,

10-15 sorts of italian risotto,

20 sorts of Pizza,

10 sorts of sushi

20 sorts of fried rice

50 sorts of salad rice and vegetables

10 sorts of cocktail drinks

10 sorts of paella

30 sorts of barbe que;

80 sorts of english or european sandwiches

20 sorts of spring rolls

So if you are a sufferer then you are privelege person since like me you are capable to do these

And you would be labelled Enstein 2


@ Loco, I don't need resume, unlike you. That's the privilege of being installed in a country for so long cause all the information given is fed in the computer, whenever I change job I just send via internet.

By the way as you are a troll by excellence like troll orange his majesty, I got the hint that you both suffering of dyslexia yourselves instead of passing to the others.

Your way of expressing yourselves is something to ponder about. You sound like a child with h/er mom and dad every minute.Meaning to say you are still living with your parents at your age.

However, I was looking the tele last night about the south of France and my thoughts come accross concerning to what you've said, YOU' ve been living in Roquebrune Cap Martin.

First, very very impossible. Being a filipino, even chinese it's very impossible unless a miracle.

The village is made for millionaires or billionaires like the princesses of saudi arabia , Roger Moore, Tina Turner and high profil

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    Nakakalungkot isipin na ang basehan ng katalinuhan dito ay ang galing sa pagsalita at pagsulat ng salitang banyaga. Mas magaling ka mag-english lalabas na mas matalino ka sa lahat.

    Ang lolo ko grade 1 lang ang inabot, pero binuhay niya ang buong pamilya niya sa paggawa at pagtinda ng Uling. Para sa kin hindi lang siya masikap, matalino din, kahit hindi marunong umingles.

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    8 years ago

    This is very sad. Let me explain.

    A) a gibberish statement, logically, cannot also be understood at the same time. These two claims are mutually exclusive and opposite.

    B. Your assertion that these two terms are inclusive is symptomatic of the cognitive processes of a schizophrenic individual. In effect, you just proved to us that you are suffering from schizophrenia.

    C. Your dissonant writing style is not likely to be

    caused by your poor english skills, but by your aforementioned ailment.

    D. Likewise, your tendency to resort to threatening harm to others and persecutorial mindset is a manifestation of paranoid delusions, a subform of advanced forms of schizophrenia.

    Please seek help. We are mostly, except for the 3 unknown souls who thumbs your rants up here, only wish to steer you into a good mental health program.


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  • !
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    8 years ago

    Yummy!!! That made me hungry. I even forgot your question.

    <out for lunch>

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    8 years ago


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