What happened to my charger?

Alright, I bought a MacBook Pro (Late 2006 13'' black model), as-is, from a pawn shop (they said the battery didn't work and the screen was broken). The problem with my local pawn shops is if they sell an electronic item as-is (IE: my MacBook) they won't sell it with the cords, they will use the cords for company use or give them to an employee for personal use.

So I go onto Amazon, and find a $20 off-brand Mac charger (we can't afford the insane $80 apple charger that everyone says it a POS), it gets an average 4 star out of 5 (eleven 5 stars, five 4 stars, four 3 stars, and one 1 star where the other cheap-o chargers would be lucky to get a 3 star. So I went with it. The shipping was really fast, and the charger worked when it arrived. I used it for 3 days (using a mini display to vga monitor adapter to see what was on the "screen"), and now it won't supply power at all (to the laptop).

NOTE: the laptop was running straight off a/c power (I took the battery out). I hadn't been putting any stress on the charger AT ALL, it was freely laying on the ground, out of the way, not getting stepped on or anything. I unplug it, to do a bit of rearranging, and now I plug it back in, and the LED light on the power brick itself (not on the laptop) will turn on, dim out, flash back on all the way, and repeats forever. I read online that it has something to do with the wires or the power brick, so what happen if there was no extra strain?

(I WILL BE HAVING MY MOM CONTACT THE SELLER FOR A REPLACEMENT, but I am just curious as to what could've caused this, so I can avoid it with my next one)

*Specs for the off-brand charger matched the specs of the apple charger according to apple's website.

Please do not question my method of buying an as-is computer and using a cheap off-brand charger, I just want to know what exactly happened.


Ok people, sober up before trying to type, seriously.

@Lily: " If no lights are no response, there is no general power is power adapter or motherboard power supply chip failure. Different types of chargers do not try" WTF is this supposed to be saying?

@Tyson: "you should check that all connections are attach perfectly it is not work then you should visit to repair shop." First part made sense ("you should check that all connections are") but after 'attach perfectly' (I assumed you meant attached), you really started to bomb it: "it is not work?" What? And next, if you read correctly, the charger was bought off Amazon, why would I go to a repair shop and pay money, when I can just a replacement shipped to me?

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