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班機轉機時間過長 可以先入境觀光再回來搭飛機嗎

我用GOOLE找過 似乎沒有相關文章

不曉得有沒有人 曾經有這類經驗

我的班機途中停羅馬,20個小時,轉機時間,不曉得這段時間 能不能出境去羅馬市區觀光?

需要事先辦什麼證件嗎? 或是 直接在機場辦? 托運行李應該不用拿吧?

20小時 從機場到市區 時間會不夠嗎 還是建議到機場附近較近的景點?

還是有人曾經延長轉機時間 例如變成1-2天

可是這樣一來 會不會變成買單程到羅馬--再另外買單程 去我的目的地??




我是從英國轉機 經過羅馬 機票是在網路上 比較機票網站 買的


如果要加這一項 是不是可以到羅馬再申請就好呢? 還是一定要出發前就用好?

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    1. Yes.

    2. No need - Taiwanese passport holders enjoy visa-free travel in the Schengen Area. You will have to pick up all your baggage regardless (not because you exit the airport, but the connection time is simply too long).

    3. Check-in in an airport hotel first (I assume you made a reservation), so that you can drop off your stuffs and take a rest.

    4. You booked the ticket. So forget this.

    2012-06-11 13:29:03 補充:

    There is nothing to worry in this case - as the airline can charge the departure tax at that time.

    2012-06-12 15:59:10 補充:

    If it is required, you can pay it back when you check back in in Rome.

    But in most of the case, since the tax should have been included, airlines will simply forget to collect.

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