Can you interpret my very strange dream?

It's so strange and random.. i've been having alot of them recently. So this it how it went:

it started out with me and my friend Ivette at a One Direction concert, waiting for them to come on at the arena, but it looked kind of like a small auditorium. not many people were there yet, and some were walking around. we were sitting at one of those handicapped seats that only have 2 or 3 seats. i left to go do something in this place, and these girls started making fun of me, but i didn't say anything, and i just ignored them and left

i go back and i'm like "ivette do you have your ticket?" (idk why i was asking, since we were already inside, but i guess we still needed them) and her eyes got really big, indicating that she forget them, so we run outside to a large grassy area and see a bunch of chairs arranged in rows. there were other people walking around, with little stands scattered around the area like a small fesitval.

we're really confused as to why there were chairs, so we sit down and for some odd reason there are some other teenagers sitting down also. i get frustrated from waiting for something to happen and get up and about to go back inside, when i hear this boy call out to me "HEY! come back! it's coming!" i turn and see this huge blue blimp, with rubber handles. apparently we're supposed to grab on to them and the blimp would ride us to our destination, and we would be just dangling from the handles

so thats what the chairs were for, to wait for the blimp.

as Ivette and the other people grab hold on the handles, i run and jump as it's rising up, but i could only grab one. i couldn't get the other one, and the most horrible thing happened when the handle i was holding on to started tearing. the guy that called out 'hey! come back! it's coming!" was right next to me, so as it was just seconds away from tearing off, i grabbed onto him without thinking, and he just hugged me back. i blushed SO hard. he had sandy blonde hair, but i couldn't see his face. or at least, i don't remember it, but i knew he was extremely handsome.

i'm still holding on to the boy and he's holding me with one arm, and we're flying over the city and it looked so gorgeous, and i finally see my house, which is on this tall, rocky hill. i call out "Ivette! We're here!" she was far in the front. so as the blimp gets nearer she jumps off and lands on my lawn, and i let go of the boy and i land on my lawn next to her

we run inside and go to my mom's room, and i get the key from her jewlery box, get a chair, get on it, reach to get the locked box from the top of her closet, and get the tickets. at first we were freaking out because we couldn't find the key, but i remembered where it was.

and the dream ended with me taking the tickets from the box, and handing her her ticket. just as it touched her hand, i woke up.

I want to mention that i already have tickets to the One Direction concert on July 21st, 2013 in Houston, Texas at the Houston Toyota Center. We are in the lower level, section 113, seats 14, 15, & 16. I don't know if these details will help. Originally my little sister was going with us, but with my other dreams about the concert (i've had at least 1 more) she's never there. Just me and Ivette. Probably because we're always talking about it and are super excited. I don't talk about it with my sister, and she's semi-excited, so i can't express how excited i am to her because she gets annoyed. (she's 11)

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    First, you must know and understand that dreams happen normally to all human being and there are reasons why it is happening.

    1. Stress due to problems in life.

    2. Excitement

    3. Usual dreams wherein we go to bed in normal stage, no or less worries or not too excited on getting something.

    But our world is full of mysteries that sometimes some event can be seen thou dreams.

    This is my interpretation:

    You have something that you want to reach in life but one reason why it is not done is because you are focusing on the hindrance not on your goal. You like somebody who you really admire of, but then he does not suit you although he can help you in some ways, you also experience some trouble with that guy. You need to have a lil bit of time to spend with your lil sister. You need to be more cautious in the coming days.


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    4 years ago

    Heres my interpretation of u: I had the most eldritch dream final night time. I had a dream my little one was once born and it was once a woman. My high-quality buddy was once a nurse on the clinic and was once wraping my little one in a blanket, however she wrapped her up bizarre, so whilst she passed my daughter to me, I dropped her. I was once so afraid Id triggered mind harm or some thing. I took her dwelling, and my different buddy came around and informed me we have been going to the films. I left the little one with a few unusual man simply status there. I stated Id pay him whilst I obtained again. In the film theater I met a few lady who stated she'd killed her elegance puppy. I requested her how and he or she stated she ripped the legs off of it. I was once all unhappy and requested her how she'd suppose if any one did that to her and he or she stated she didnt care. Then I was once strolling down this lengthy aspect stroll that was once a bridge and on both facets was once water and humans in them having tea events. I ran up this factor pushing my little one in a stroller making a song a few rap tune I dont understand in truly lifestyles truly loud. I saved on fearing Id slip within the water.

  • 9 years ago

    Sounds like u r just rele excited.

    Source(s): I am IN LUV with 1D
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