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Period on a long flight?

I'm 14 & going on a 9 hour flight tomorrow but the only problem is, I have my period. I've had it before & all, but I've never been on a trip this long. Are there any tips on being comfortable? Btw I don't use tampons, just pads. Tampons kinda gross me out.

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    First, wear some comfy pants, like yoga or sweat pants. Not too tight though because you don't want your pad to show through (it happens).

    Second, wear a big overnight pad with wings. It'll feel kind of like a diaper when you put it on, but you'll be soo much more comfortable when you don't have to get up every two hours to change it.

    I'd recommend the Always Infinity Overnight: or the U by Kotex AllNighter Overnight:

    The Always are more absorbent, but the U by Kotex ones are bigger. It's your call!

    I hope this helps make your trip a little better. Hopefully you can curl up with a movie and lots of snacks and just forget about it <3

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    You should wear black yoga pants just in case. Leaks happen and the worst thing ever is to be wearing white shorts when they do.

    Also bring lots of snacks especially chocolate! haha.

    And extra pads and make sure they are zipped up in the little compartment in your purse so when u go thru security and if they search ur bag the public doesnt see everything!! (happened to me before)

    Also you might want some kind of body spray or something just in case u feel self conscious near people on ur period, just in case

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    Make sure your pad is correctly on so that you don't feel it, I usually don't feel mine after a bit. Before the flight, go to the bathroom and try as hard as you can to go. That way, you know you're good for a little while. If you have to go on the plane, repeat that. Wear something comfortable, such as yoga pants, because bloating and cramps in tight jeans or jeans at at, for that matter, could be VERY uncomfortable. Good Luck!

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