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Females are oppressed feminists say??????????????

Then how come this female host can drool all over this guy and its ok, but if the genders were reversed it would be way out of line?????

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@Jessica: I don't know how you came to that conclusion because that is not at all what I'm saying here.

Update 2:

@Jose: Thanks I'll make sure to keep that in mind next time I see her yapping her mouth.

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    females aren't oppressed.. we have all the ways to become whatever we want if we are smart enough and its in the cards for us. females can become doctors, and politicians.. wheres the oppression? also, i never understand why ... just dress yourself up and let men compliment you and what not it feels good, better than complaining.

    PS everyone I think a crazy reportnik is out on the loose!

    its heart/me enamora/delilah.. ahh.

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    I'm not going to watch the video, but I did take some gender-in-culture Anthropology classes back in college, so I'll try to answer this. I think feminists would argue that the fact that a person can behave in a way that would be frowned upon if the same behavior came from an "elite" group shows that the person IS marginalized. In other words, in our society, if a woman drools over a man, it's not considered as inappropriate because we're subconsciously apt to think, "Well, isn't that cute. That ridiculous little creature is behaving incorrectly. How funny." However, since our society stereotypes men as strong leader-types, if a man does the same to a woman, we see it not as funny but as a lion picking on a lamb. It becomes threatening, because of the social beliefs about men.

    Oddly, oppressed/marginalized people DO have more freedom in a culture than those who are seen as insiders/the norm. It's this tendency to dismiss the outsider/ laugh off their behavior because "they don't know better, they're stupid and uninformed" that allows marginalized people to behave "badly" and get away with it. So, in a sense, the more your society values you and your opinions, the less freedom you have. That's why I think gender stereotyping and marginalization hurts men as much as women. If you happen to be your culture's ideal, society places a greater burden on you to behave appropriately.

    I hope that helps explain some of this. If you ask me, gender stereotyping is just bad for everybody -- and our society puts too many restrictions on men because of it.

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    i think if people would acknowledge that men and women are very different then double standards like these would make a lot more sense.

    women generally are far more sensitive about a broader scope of things and they are far more easily offended than men are.

    a woman could run up & grab my asss & it would be little more than an inconvenience to me. do that to a woman and watch her reaction.

    just so this is easier to relate i think its comparable to a woman being a goldigger. some men take offense to this for obvious reasons. the woman is deliberately using the man for her own selfish reasons irrespective of his well being. dehumanizing him almost. i think thats where women are coming from when they complain about being viewed as sex objects. they jump to the conclusion that the man is on the opposite extreme of the spectrum and that he is indifferent of her feelings. in some cases both are true but its easy to mistake little things as being the extreme negative and blowing it out of proportion.

    and as far as feminists go. there is no reasoning with them imo but its still good to get the word out so to speak about their craziness.

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    I really like Rum's and Roald's answers.

    All that I have to add is: can't you see this is just propaganda for the US military? Making you think the military is cool and being a military makes women hot.

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    Are you implying men are currently oppressed in some way by being desirable to women? Well... It depends on whether men are viewed as a class of people whose main (or maybe even only) worth is based on their sex appeal and ability to provide sex.

    Do you think men are thought of as sex objects in your society? If you do think that, then that is most certainly a problem.

    Oh, but I don't think women are oppressed because they are women in my country, actually. I don't know any feminists who do think that about the States right now. Maybe some really fringe ones, but I don't associate with such people. They don't have anything of value to me to say on this subject.

    ADD: Well, you're talking about women being treated as sex objects and men being treated as sex objects, right? So, I'm asking you if you think men are currently or traditionally seen, in your society, primarily as sex objects. Baby makers. Providers of sex. Pieces of meat for women to purchase for their pleasure. Is men's movement restricted because of this? Are they taken less seriously? Are they harassed?

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    situation has nothing to do with "oppression" or power structure

    culture is changing

    how come it is ok to stone the adulteress but not the man?

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    Come on, it's funny. Plus, he is hot as hell.

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