Opinion needed for groom's wedding night appaeral?

My fiance is super laid back on the whole topic.. but I'm wanting some outside opinion or even advice from guys would be great! Wer getting married later this year and I'm working on planning everything I can! Well..not that it's my place to "plan" but it doesn't seem that my fiance is interested in wearing anything special. While I know it's more heard of the bride doing this I feel it should kind of be both.. am I wrong in this thinking? Would it be out of line to get him something if he's not going to?

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  • 9 years ago
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    What, if anything, does he wear around the house? Just buy him some of that, but a little nicer or fancier.

    If he wears jockey shorts, just buy him some silky sexy ones. Flannel pant and a t-shirt? Go find him a manly set that matches.

    All men, in Rivers opinion, should have a decent robe. You never know when company wil show up or a trip to the hospital is necessary. Just buy an oversized one, and it will fit him for years and years. Tell him he is devastating in it. He'll wear it.

  • 9 years ago

    Did you not know that women shop way more than men? And most men's clothes is bought by women? Sad, but true, women choose the clothes for their husbands. I personally find this quite annoying when I am shopping for underwear and have to stand next to a bunch of women with their kids while I examine which underwear I prefer. But mist men put little thought into their wardrobes. Have you nit noticed that guys wear anything? And most of their nice clothes was given as gifts by their mothers or girl friends or wives.

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    9 years ago

    You can tell him it'd really excite you to see him dress up a bit and make suggestions if he seems receptive, but I wouldn't buy him something or get too upset if it doesn't happen. The fact is, guys don't actually care that much about what you wear to bed. They're far more interested in getting you out of it.

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