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What are some good stealth-based video games for PC,PS2,Wii,and Gamecube?

Stealth-based games are one of my favorite genres. I have played Thief: Deadly Shadows and most of the Splinter Cell series. I have heard the Hitman series is good, but I haven't played them. I would really like a game where you can act as a thief lurking within the shadows (E.X. The Elder Scrolls) or an assassin with precision, distraction, or trigger weapons (E.X. Thief/ Spinter Cell). Currently, my favorite stealth based game series is Splinter Cell. Any further suggestions are appreciated! thanks!

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    Any Splinter Cell

    Metal Gear Solid

    Assassin's Creed

    Alpha Protocol

    Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City

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    on the 2d there are some TheSim video games for the gamecube and the DS yet not the wii, whether nintendo has been working for awhile now on a sparkling Sims for the wii and DS talked approximately as MySims it is the comparable theory as a results of fact the older sims however the characters are greater like chibi characters from manga and anime

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    Well this is an easy one. Try Assassins creed, (trust me on this one). If your more into the fps stealth stuff, try Sniper Elite (You may have heard of the newest version, V2) both of which make you feel as badass and as tactical as you can imagine.

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