Traveling to distant lunar objects?

Im going to bed right now (Its quarter after midnight) and Ive been looking at space stuff. So I'd like to know. What's stopping us from traveling to distant lunar objects, and can we exceed light speed wit future techs??? (Explaination in ENGLISH PLEASE!!!)

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    9 years ago
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    read about the history of science in our grad school library

    we have been to the earth moon and the moons of distant planets, that is what NASA does

    as far as we know nothing physical can travel as fast as light, light always travels at the speed of light

    about 186,000 miles per SECOND (rely fast) but it takes about 1/12 second to go from the earth to the moon

    everything you see is actually from some time int he past. the sun is 8 might minutes away therefore the light that you see came from the sun eight minutes in the past

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    We can't travel too far or long because of the lack of gravity. Not having gravity would mess up our bodies and bones, potentially killing us. But I think they are trying to make gravity machines for inside space ships which would let us travel further. We can't go at the speed of light yet, but maybe future technology will change that. Another cool thing to think about, is if we do travel at the speed of light it would basically be like a time traveling type thing because like 4 years traveling at the speed of light would be like 50 earth years.. so you age a couple years while everyone you used to know dies of old age.

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    The human race has been spending so much money on things that makes no sense. Were so arrogant as a species that we cant work together for something that really matters, like space exploration. If we stopped with all the wars, the politics and worked together on space exploration, we would be there

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    9 years ago

    Lightspeed travel, even near lightspeed travel is impossible. It will NEVER happen.

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