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As Doctors, Nurses, & medical professionals,how come you guys dont tell your patients a cure for cancer exists?

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As medical professionals how come you guys don't do enough to stand up for your patients? Why do you let Pharmaceutical companies monetary greed dictate the health of the patients that you guys took an oath to protect?


Why is Aspartame allowed in our drinks and foods? When its been shown to lead to tumors?

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    Cancer is not one disease, it's many.

    There is no one therapy that works on all cancers.

    Brain tumors are not skin cancer, neither is pancreatic cancer or Hodgkin's disease.

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    9 years ago

    You're trolling right?

    Cancer isn't something that can just be "cured". And don't blame the nurses and doctors. It's the government.

    Aspartame has never been scientifically proven to lead to tumours.

    and it's kinda hard for any union to "stand up" to these capitalist companies. Especially in the states. Peoples ignorance around the subject doesn't make it any easier.

  • 9 years ago

    You obviously have a wealth of ignorance on the subject.

    Cancer is not one disease but many. Each one is different. Cures are very complex. They no longer result from some alchemist working in his attic, looking for a cure.

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    9 years ago

    Oh god Glenn Beck...

    By the way, wiki'd DCA. It upps the chances for liver cancer in 3 years. And it's untested. And you'd be an idiot to think that every single compound we test is going to be the next penicillin.

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