First aid question (fell off bike, bad scrape)?

I collided with the sidewalk and my big toe (I was wearing flip flops. Stupid, I know.) was scathed. I flew forward and ate sidewalk. Luckily I survived with a scrape on my wrist and a bleeding toe. A large chunk of the skin on my toe in the front part had come off. Some was calloused. It was bleeding a bunch at first. I went home and cleaned it, put hydrogen peroxide, applied some Neosporin, and put on a bandaid. It was hurting a lot earlier, but now it doesn't. It only hurts when touched or applied pressure. It's really red, but it isn't bleeding. What should I do? How long would it take to heal?

I've got a picture. View at your own risk.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Ah ok. You're lucky my friend! The white of your skin is a over-saturation of moisture basically. You need to keep it dry. Yes you can over-apply neosporin. Keep the area clean and dry. Wrap the wound in sterilized gauze and secure it (but do not constrict your toe) with medical tape. After you take a shower, dry it off and let it breathe for the night, but wrap it up in the morning (assume you are doing activities during the day). Give it a good week or so and you'll be fine. Make sure you do not wear tight shoes. If you see any signs of infection, over-swelling, etc. See a podiatrist immediately.

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    4 years ago

    First smooth the injuries. Use peroxide. It will rather sting, however that is the way it works. Then run water on it(non-compulsory). This best makes the stinging from the peroxide go away. Then when the wound is easy and there is no junk in it, put some neosporin with anguish remedy on it. After which put a band-support on it. And if her knee hurts particularly unhealthy, take a couple ibuprofen.

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