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When my mother talks to me I get angry out of nowhere?

I'm not crazy or bi polar. Its just that she did so much evil things to me sabotage my plan to get to college on a football scholarship (3 times). Made me miss job interviews by leaving the baby home and goin out with her friends knowing I have to be somewhere and my older brothers run the street all day. If were all in the house and she comes home to see dishes, garbage, dirty living room etc. she would call my name first EVERYTIME I'm not the oldest nor the youngest I'm actually the middle child. I never could have friends over but all my brothers can, its funny because my friends aren't into the negative street life. My brothers stole mortgage money took her cars but it seems that my name will always pop up first. I never ever gave her a reason to think or even show that I steal. I've always had to be independant because she won't help me with anything. The list goes on for ever she Hates me, I have no feelings for her. I moved out and I'm graduating H.S soon. She was in the hospital and I never went to visit I didn't do it to be a rebel I just don't like to associate with ppl who made my life hell when I was younger. She's my mother no 1 can take that title away but am I wrong.??

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    The problem with being the middle child is that it tends to make you the "people pleas er and the responsible child". That is why your mother relies so heavily upon you and calls you when things need to be done. I don't think she hates you at all, She just knows who is going to take care of things when she is too weak to do so. It sounds like there isn't any dad around to help be the parent. You also are the one who she can depend upon to fill that role. even in her own life. She doesn't want you to have opportunities to leave home and go away because then she gets abandoned , again. It is the same thing with having friends over. Oldest children are usually the entitled ones who are allowed to get by with things because their parents are afraid that they won't be their friend. the youngest is allowed to get by with things because they are usually excused for bad behavior and permitted indiscretions because they are "the baby".

    Generally it sucks to be the middle child because you are charged with keeping things on an even keel and making calm out of chaos.

    So, I get what you are saying and why you feel as you do, but who is suffering guilt in this, because I think it is you. If you find the answer for that, you will win the Nobel prize. Somethings just are what they are, and denying it doesn't change a thing for you, the middle child.

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