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Straightening my hair twice a week worse for my hair than mousse 5 times a week?

I shower every second day however only use shampoo every four days because I have dry wavy/curly hair that I want to keep healthy. I also use a leave in coditioner from lush that's wonderful! Is it worse for me to straighten my hair every three days or use mousse like everyday/second day??

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    This is my exact answer that i want to know. I usually straighten my hair twice a week but now i have begun to let my hair natural and use mousse every day or every second day. I actually have noticed my hair is healthier and has started to grow a little. My hair is long but i feel it has stayed the same length until i stopped using the straightener. So i guess using heat on your hair is worse as it dries it out while mousse doesn't affect you hair as much as heat.

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    I sraighten my hair 2-3 times a week and go over it maybe everyday just to get the little waves out wen i wake up in the morning and my hair is not damaged at all....i hve been doing this since i was about 16 and now i am 19 still no damage....i hve to refrane from using moose cuz it gives u serious dandruff which is embarassing and annoying i used moose maybe once a week when i am in a rush....i wuld say healthy wise use mooose cuz there is no heart damage but looks wise i wuld use heat cuz u will get bad dandruff if u use moose a lot cuz it dries the scalp and trust me it sucks cuz no shampoo works for dandruff permentaly....i tired every shampoo possible the best is head and sholders but it only keeps it away for 2 days than it comes bck the 3rd way to get rid of dandruff is using apple cider vinger but ur hair will stink lol.....if u r using heat always make sure to use a heat spray before u apply the flat iron it makes a big difference trust me the only thing bad about my hair is split ends when i get usually after 6 months of cutting my hair cus i like to grow my hair long

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    in all possibility around 30 interior the bathe. i don't likely count variety :'D If I run my hand by my hair at any given time there will be some hairs that come out i found out i'm extremely anemic and lacking another supplements. Now that i'm taking multivitamins and iron pills it is plenty extra helpful than earlier nevertheless I nevertheless lose plenty you're in all possibility super nevertheless. there is this element talked approximately as polycystic some thing some thing syndrome. I completely killed that component era yet curiously it would desire to reason hair loss.. yet I doubt you have it. I used to stress plenty too yet i've got found out to stay with it and not obsess over how plenty hair i'm laying off each and all of the time and that seems to help additionally, attempt checking your weight loss plan and the quantity of warmth you employ on your hair. i don't use any yet it is in basic terms me. Drink sufficient water. it is curiously significant. start up CONDITIONING lower back. condition condition condition. don't be afraid to place conditioner on your scalp because of the fact no, that doesn't reason hair loss. until you employ a load or a foul variety. Heh. I basically use shampoo 2-thrice a week. too plenty shampooing= baaad. attempt another day on the least. additionally, use a competent deep conditioner as quickly as a week I switched to this type of hair stuff (and different stuff too) talked approximately as Lush, it is made my hair thicker. or possibly it is in basic terms my mind's eye. even nevertheless their products are exceptionally mushy on your hair and help in making it fit and that they don't incorporate any chemical compounds like drugstore manufacturers.

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    Straightening is worse because at least when u use mousse, you let your hair air dry

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