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How should we announce our pregnancy to his parents?

My boyfriend and I just found out on Wednesday June 6th that we are pregnant. This wasn't a planned pregnancy but we are happy regardless. We haven't told his parents yet and would like some ideas of how to announce it to them. Our first appointment is June 29th. I am 4 weeks and 3 days right now. We are both adults so we are not concerned about their reaction, just want some suggestions. Also this is his first.


We are 25 and 27.

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    wrap them up a picture know one of those our first grandchild ones ond put a picture of the sonogram in it....see if they can connect the dots.....if you dont have a sonogram pic yet tell the doc what you want to do and see if he can get you one it takes them a second....if he wont you could get one of those picture frames that hold 3 pics...put on of you in one of him in the second slot...and in the third slot put a note that says coming soon february 2013 whatever you do have fun and video tape it...

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    We had just went over to their homes (my parents and his mothers) and just simply said we have some wonderful, yet suprising and unexpected news. Then went on with it. But, we didnt tell anyone else really until i hit 12 weeks because I was told that was a time period that you can be more secure about being out the miscarriage stage. So, I would just be honest and come out with it. Their reaction will be suprised also but I'm sure very happy once they sit and think about it! Congrats and good luck!

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    It shoulnt be you having to stroll on egg shells in this, its them who ought to improve up. What are mixed mum and dad in any case? i could do what you want to do, in case you want to do it with out matters on the table, then invite them out seperatley however that gets high priced 4 diverse dinners. Why not deliver playing cards and overlook approximately it, and enable them to appreciate what you had had to do while they call yet enable them to appreciate you didnt want their behaviror destroy it so which you probably did playing cards extremely. Sounds advise, they're advise people to you. Im sorry its this way how unhappy for you and your stunning new marriage and now toddler assertion. identity relatively attempt to get this all settled or you will hate christmas birthdays different trip journeys, someones gotta provide and it relatively is probably not you. identity heavily discover a thank you to debate this and get each and each to vow to be the bigger individual.

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    These are the cutest ideas ever! I'm gong to use one with my next baby announcement.

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    like you said, you're adults. But if you're under 21, you are only legal don't expect a warm reception to the news

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    via vagina.

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