'98 Isuzu Amigo Problems?

My Isuzu Amigo is suffering from loss of power, excessive oil use, bad gas mileage, hard starting, and rough idling. Recently it has got a severe oil leak and it won't run. I'm thinking the front seal is bad. What should I try first to fix my problems besides fix the leak? PVC, O2 Sensors, ...?

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  • Pete M
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    9 years ago
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    First fix your oil leak, then worry about the rest of the problems. Without fixing your oil leak it would be pointless to fix the other problems.

    You can first test your 02 sensors to determine if they are bad, then you can try cleaning your PCV valve.

    Note that the fact that your car won't run is not due to any of these three items.

    You'll need to troubleshoot that problem separately. I would start by assuring that you're getting spark and fuel to the engine.

    No spark could be due to a lot of different things such as cam or crank position sensor, coil, ignition module, etc.

    If no fuel is reaching the engine, it could be a clogged fuel filter, bad fuel pump, fuel pump relay or bad fuel pressure regulator.

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