Does anyone know what the name of sci-fi book about a guy recruited to help work on a space station?

I began reading a book in middle school, yes middle school! :) I wasn't able to finish it and have never been able to remember the name of it. It was a science fiction book and I remember it was about a man getting recruited to work on a space station orbiting the Earth. He did maintenance or construction, I'm not sure which. I remember the space station was of the wagon wheel style with spokes emanating from a central hub. The book described how they started the station rotating to create gravity on the outer sections. There was a scene where the man was taken to the station and it described him entering the station at the hub and having to move to the outer sections as gravity got higher as he went. I have no idea how many books this may sound like but if it sounds familiar let me know!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Probably not 'Islands in the Sky' by Arthur C. Clarke- the protagonist won a trip to the station...can you give me a rough idea of the publication date or the year in which you read it?

    'Step to the Stars' by Lester del Rey features a worker on a space station.

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