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Girl wants you but rejects when asked out?

Ill make a long story short. her friends constantly would tell me to ask her out over and over for months. And well I ignored it right. Shed stare at me at lunch all the time but id look at her simply as a nuisance. But as the months went by I just got the urge to you know get it over with so I ask her out only to have her run...basically rejects me. And now she shows me all this hate. why all the begging only to reject me ps id be her first date/bf and we in high school years

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    Sounds like she suspected the truth, that you were only asking her out of pity or something, not because you actually wanted to go out with her. She has self respect and wasn't going to settle for going out with someone who didn't actually want to go out with her.

  • albert
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    9 years ago

    Did you ask her to hang out, or ask her out on a date?

    You have to ask a girl to hang out before you ask them on a date.

    Thats a really important rule, you have to be friends that hang out for atleast a couple months before you ask a girl out on a date, dates at totally different to them.

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    Ok here's how I see this..., she's probably just an attention getter or trying to play hard to get and sucking really bad at it...confront her maybe?

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