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Im very depressed and i dont know what to do anymore. please help!!!?

Hello, I'm 24 yrs old and have been dealing with depression for 10 years now. It seems like everytime I feel like I'm getting better, something happens and I have to go through all of these emotions once more. Its getting to the point where I just do think I can go on and I am aware of how selfish it sounds, I also have a 5 yr old daughter and I wish that I could say that that is enough to make me want to live, but it just isn't. And I feel horrible that I have these thoughts knowing that she might end up living without her mother. I have done counsling and anti-depressents, but nothing has worked for me. I'm a crazy for feeling this way? Will it ever get better? I just don't know what to do. Please only serious responses!

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    Have you tried electroconvulsive therapy? Hold on! Keep reading! ECT is the most effective treatment for depression and is very humane nowadays! I've witnessed it myself - basically the patient gets put under anesthesia and electrodes transmit an electric current for about 3 seconds, triggering a silent brain 'seizure' that lasts for 45 seconds, then you wake up shortly after with no memory of the event (because you were asleep basically)! It's really not that bad - and for prolonged treatment-resistant severe depression like yours, it's no doubt the best option.

    Here's a resource if you want to read more about it:

    I really do think that ECT will help or even cure your depression!

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