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Broken relationship with dog. How do I restore it?

I've tried playing with him, petting him, and training with him but he always prefers another person over me. He used to sleep in the bed with me but now he sneaks out of my room or sometimes just runs out and cuddles with another person. Whenever I'm in my room with my other dog ( I treat both of them equally just sayin'). He'll stop, look at me, and slink away. We used to be really close, like if I was crying he'd sit on my lap but now he just runs away any moment he can. He won't even be alone with me, he'll follow someone else when it's just me and him. I never yelled at him or abused him.

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    you need to be aloof with him...don't ignore him,but act as if you are the place to be,and don't be rough with him,feed him by hand as much as possible...also when playing roll hhim onto his back and make him stay that may seem harsh,but i promise he will be much more affectionate if you treat him as you would a child that just broke an antique vase in your house...don't be afraid to "act" tough with him...i can't tell you how many times i see people who coddle and spoil their pets only to be rejected by the master,and i promise he will love you for it...

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    My dog used to be very close to me(when she was a pup) but now sometimes she ignores me(She's about 4 years now). so when she ignores me, i let her sleep in my lap(she's a min pin) and after that, she just follows me everywhere like my little personal bodyguard. I think you should try on some one on one with your dog and keep him close to you. Maybe he thinks you don't like him anymore. Dogs do sulk, at least mine does. lol

    Good luck! :)

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