Is it possible that I'm pregnant? Help!?

My boyfriend and I are trying to have a baby. We had unprotected sex almost everyday from May 16 on until my period started on June 6. My periods been extremely light. My mother says it's unlikely that I'm pregnant but I've read that if you have a light period after having unprotected sex you're most likely pregnant. Could I be pregnant??

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    9 years ago
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    Well me and my husband have been trying for two years turns out i wasnt ovulating so i went to the doc and he put me on 50 ng clomid it has helped so many people get preggers and i might be now. But i don't think your pregnant if i were you go to a doc tell them you have been tryinv to years if you say one they wont do anything and ask to be on clomid good luck girl if you have any more questions email me if you want.

    Source(s): My fertility docter
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