How do psychologists decide what constitutes a mental illness?

If someone is less likely to produce offspring because they're asexual or homosexual or have a sexual orientation that makes it less likely for them to practice reproductive sex, does that mean they have a disorder?

Or is whether or not a person is "fit" in evolutionary terms irrelevant when it comes to diagnosing mental health?

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  • 9 years ago
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    They haven't considered being gay or lesbian or bisexual or transgendered

    or straight a disorder (And neither should they) since around 1980.

    The way they classify mental illness is currently

    a judgement call & by using the D.S.M. IV as a guide, & other factors

    it is currently being rewritten and due

    for replacement in around 2013 with the D.S.M. V

    where many of the states we now call illness are being revised

    and replaced with codes instead, to prevent the stigma often

    experienced with being given a label by a doctor.

    I don't think evolutionary terms are used, although when you look

    at them there are many examples of all five ways of being in the animal society.

    straight, gay, lesbian & bisexual & transgendered.

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    & On cultural bias with regard to mental disorders.

    And on the D.S.M. 5. / D.S.M. V.

    Examples of different sexual orientation the animal kingdom.

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