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I must ask, does she like me?

So I Admiral Ackbar, was talking to a girl. I later told her that I liked her and she then proceeded to give me her number to text her. I did. She always puts :)'s at the end of her texts when we are texting. But, I am always the one to text her first. her responses go something like this, "Hi :)" It feels awkward to always be texting her first and her answers, as I have stated before are mostly short. So community, does she like me as I like her?

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    My guess would be that she may be interested in you. There's not really much information here to go off of. From a girl's perspective, I know that I'm not usually the one to text first so you shouldn't really let that bother you too much. The fact that she always texts you back is a pretty good indication that she wants to talk to you. Perhaps she just doesn't enjoy texting (Gasp! Some people actually don't enjoy texting) and that's why she always responds with short answers. Just ask her if she wants to ditch the whole texting thing and talk to you face-to-face one of these days.

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