Is Team rocket going to be funny again?

I miss the old Team rocket so badly.

It is like the the only reason I watch the show.

Now there all seriouse. and not even being idiots and blasting off anymore.

Not only that I hate there voice actors. what did nintindo do to Pokemon?

Do you think they will change back to them old self's soon?

Why did they change all a sudden anyways?

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  • Jake
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    9 years ago
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    1-Nintendo (insert any disturbing,violent word)-ed Pokemon.

    2-No I don't think so because I think Nintendo killed Pokemon along time ago. The first old episodes were really good but now they have 14 seasons of Pokemon now, I guess Nintendo doesn't know where to stop. I used to like Pokemon but not anymore. It was good until the Sinnoh region, after that I felt that it was dying more and more. Well they don't make Pokemon episodes like they used to. And that's too bad it was a great show at start then it started dying afterward

  • 9 years ago

    Wait what!?!?! are you talking about the anime or the game....if so im assuming you mean the game because of nintendo and which game I have no idea because in Pokemon Black (which is the latest pokemon game that I know of [yes i am a noob]) I dont think they are called team rocket.....and they changed because (i watched the anime) there boss has a new team that was in diamon and pearl the team galactic and they are very serious about there job and the boss hired them because team rocket sucks at their job and in the new one they are very serious which is odd because meowth is always the one with crazy plans and schemes that never work out but now it seems they are working for the team galactic for some reason and they always wear masks so I cant tell if its actually them or if they are being brainwashed or idk they are acting strange but i think the reason is because they are under new management they might.....they might get funny again later.... like i remember season 1 of pokemon (when ash could actually be considered 10yrs old) team rocket was serious (not as serious as now) but later after failures and crap they just went down the drain but in the recent one their boss seems to have given them a second chance cause they are always saying "we have to prove ourselves" or something similar xD

  • 9 years ago


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