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heeelp! question: when i starve myself...? metabolism..?

I've done my research about starving and i know how unhealthy it can be. I know its not the healthy way to lose weight but i need quick results. Plus i doubt ill stick to it because i love food so much, but since there's a pool party coming soon in 2 weeks, i need to get in shape QUICK, lol.

I was wondering if i starve myself or eat 500 calories or less (i know 1500 is the ave. amount) while working out 20 mins cardio, (but please don't give me a whole speech about the health consequences because I'm well aware of it) i'm wondering since I'm practically starving myself, my metabolism will slow down, is it possible to speed my metabolism back in the future? for example, ALWAYS eating breakfast, small meals, the healthy way, etc?

please answer! and NO lectures on how unhealthy and how i can possibly gain weight instead of losing weight. please and thank you! :)

plus if you guys can, give me tips on how to starve? LOL. food is just too good <3 thanks a bunch : )

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    I have only heard of this one a million times, look up " fast weightloss". Or just use weighwatchers

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    I'll save the lecture, but I just want to say I'm sorry you're so unhappy that you feel the need to starve yourself, without caring about the consequences.

    But listen to this: starving doesnt work. It just doesnt. You will become so hungry that you will binge and end up gaining weight. Your metabolism will slow down and you can't do anything to prevent that. Varying your calorie intake, rather than eating the same number of calories each day, will help keep it up a little. But it will still slow down and you will still probably end up gaining weight.

    Also, you will become exhausted and light-headed. You won't have the energy to do that 20 minute cardio.

    Oh and did I mention that it would take way longer than 2 weeks to see results? The only thing you can do in 2 weeks is tone up by doing certain strength exercises.

    But honestly, starving yourself just won't work. Those girls you see who are twig thin with protruding bones have eating disorders. And you can't choose to have an eating disorder. It just happens.

    The only way you could possibly loose weight by starving yourself would be to become so mentally ill and hate yourself soo much that you keep this up long run.. But the thing is, if you ever become that messed up in the head, you won't even be able to appreciate the weight loss. You wouldn't even notice it. Having an eating disorder is a nightmare.

    The fact that you're even considering this tells me there's something terribly wrong with your self esteem already. I suggest talking to someone you trust about how you feel. I don't know you but I'm worried.

    Starving is not fun. It doesn't work. The end.

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