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what should I wear with a black tube skirt?

I have a black tube skirt but I have basically no idea what would look good with it (in terms of shirt, shoes, accessories, etc.) I'm in grade 11 and looking for something summery.

Help would be muchly appreciated! Thanks!

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    Well if it's tight, then don't wear a tight top, that effect is never too great. I would say a loose flowy tank or short sleeved top, and then tuck it in a little bit then pull it out, you can make it look cute, even if it doesn't sound good typed out. I would say a loose, cute top tucked in, and maybe gladiator sandals, or strappy ones of any sort. I would also keep the accessories minimal and just wear a pear of cute earrings. Hope I helped! (:

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    For a summery look, I would try something flowy on the top in one solid color. If it's patterned, make sure it matches your solid black skirt. Accessories, I'd say just a pretty necklace. And then maybe some cute sandals. Hope I helped! (:

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