Fastcore Routines, MMX Routines, and Multiprocessor Support error on Photoshop Elements 5?

I've been using photoshop elements 5 for a long time now. But a week ago I accidentally broke my laptop and had to get a new hard drive and re-installed photoshop elements 5. When I try to use it, I get pop ups saying "Could not load the FastCore Routines module because the file could not be found." "Could not load the MMXCore Routines module because the file could not be found." and "Could not load the Multiprocessor Support module because the file could not be found". After, it says "The action you have requested could not be completed because the application is not responding. It may still be loading or waiting for a response from you."

I can't seem to find any specific solution online. I've uninstalled and re-installed it multiple times. It's been updated to PhotoshopElements 5.2 and I CAN find the FastCore, MMX Routines, and Multiprocessor Support in the Plug-Ins what exactly do I need to do?

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  • 9 years ago
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    1. Try to install it directly via the setup.exe file. With Elements uninstalled, put the disk in the drive and close Autoplay if it opens and cancel out of the set up wizard if it automatically opens. Go to Start>Computer, right click on the disk icon, click "Explore" in the menu that appears. Find the setup.exe file and double click on it.

    2. If #1 above doesn't solve your problem, try installing it in Safe Mode using the steps above.

    Elements is not installing correctly. The disk may be corrupted. (You are installing it from the original disk, aren't you?)

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    4 years ago


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