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i gauged my ears to a size 12 and i think its infected. help?

i gauged my ears to a size 12 and my friend told me that if its hard squeeze it until the puss comes out. so squeezed it a little and like the earring keeps getting stuck in my ear cause it gets hard and crusty and it kind of hurts a little. a little bit of puss comes out when i take the earring out ot clean it. is it infected?

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    Well how long has your ear been gauged to 12? I read somewhere that a little puss is normal since your ear's adjusting.

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    Your dad suggested tongue!? My mom wouldnt enable me get in spite of peirced until i used to be 18! even nevertheless that develop into approximately 8 years in the past so peircing extraordinary places wasnt familiar yet so i won my tongue. i think the classiest one is the nostril ring, they are small and attractive. Hurts like hell even nevertheless.

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    if there's puss, there's an infection. sorry..

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