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will getting a crown on my tooth hurt for me?

ok so i got a tooth infection. my dentist did part of a root canal, let my swelling go down, and then finished the root canal. now i have to get a crown. the crown will be and my second to last bottom molar. im a little scared.. will it hurt after? it didnt hurt after my root canal... will they have to give me numbing shots? my mom says the crwon will take two appointments, becuse they have to get a mold of my teeth, but my dad says shes wrong, and they have a new way of doing that. who is right?? ive already had a crown before, but the tooth came out and it too long ago that i vould remember. if you know the answers to any of these questions, please answer right away!! thanks!

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    It shouldn't at all. I had my first one done about 5 mths ago. I was worried myself, but it all ended up fine. I have a great dentist and I trust him fully. He was very helpful with all the questions I had up front. You will be fine.

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    You had root canal treatment completed. From what I know you will need two appointments. The dr will probably want to get you numb for the first appointment. Depending on how much tooth structure you have at the moment, the Dr. may need to do a core buildup (possibly a post for added strength) and refine that. They will probably take 2 impressions. One before the tooth is touched, and a final impression to send to the lab once everything is complete. They will make you a temporary crown that will be temporarily placed with a weak cement for a couple weeks until the final crown comes in.

    At the second appointment you probably won't need an injection since the tooth is non vital. The temporary will be removed, and the permanent will be tried in..adjusted..and cemented.

    Some offices have machines where the permanent crown can be fabricated right then and there. Not sure how long this takes because my office didn't have one, but i'm pretty sure thats a 1 appt. procedure.

    i'm sure your dentist will want to keep you comfortable and pain free to the best of his ability. good luck!

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    It hurts some. First you ought to get the novacaine injection, which isn't so extraordinary. If in case you have TMJ (as I do) then protecting your mouth open for a long period of time hurts, and for days I might add. But when it's only a simple placement of a crown and you have no different issues, do not waste your time demanding.

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    If the dentist gets all of the nerve in the root canal, you will be fine.

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  • no. You have no root in your tooth, so there is no feeling. they will numb up the area around it most likely anyway. no need to worry. The crown is NECCESARY to protect your tooth now, since it is dead and can break, so get the crown asap.

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    Not at all

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